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Super Granny To The Cat Rescue! (4 out of 5)

In Super Granny 4, you are Granny – the mighty cat rescuer. You are off to the National Cat Show to rescue your kitty and your wonderful friend’s cats as well. Along the way, you collect souvenirs for your quilts and avoid those meanies who are out to get you. It is a fun game for anyone out there, so here is my gamer’s review of Super Granny 4.

Game Basics – Granny the cat crusader is out on a mission to save all of the cats at the National Cat Show. You move Granny on the board with the arrow keys, left and right, up and down on the ladders and vines. As you go, the cats that you come across will follow you; you have to take them to the little doorway that says “meow” and the kitties find their way home. The more kitties that you take to the doorway at one time, the higher your points are.

Along your kitty rescuing way, you will come across souvenirs that you collect to make your quilt. When you collect them all, you get a “packrat bonus”, which adds a good deal of points to your score.

Now, the game itself reminds me of some of the old Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Brothers – but on a much smaller scale. You have to move Granny up ladders and vines, across kitty litter and metal flooring, and you can dig through the kitty litter to get to kitties and special areas that you need to. Also, you can dig a hole in the litter and the big meanies that are out to get you will fall in and the litter will cover them up. It is a pretty easy game, but one that kids will enjoy and actually be able to play for a while without getting creamed. I actually enjoyed sitting and playing this one for a while today.

Graphics – Well, they aren’t that great. The game board is small, and you can barely make out Granny’s face or anything. But it is detailed enough that you know what you’re looking for and where you’re going. They are in no way bad enough to not play the game.

Overall, I’m going to give Super Granny 4 a 4 out of 5 because it is a great free online pc game that anyone can play and enjoy.