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iRacing: Help for New Players

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

For those new to iRacing, these tips should get you started.

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    Tips and Tricks

    iRacing is not a car game like you originally would think. Instead, it hails from the text RPG tradition and brings some of the best elements of games like Mafia Live and iMafia. To dominate in the iRacing network you have to start out doing things correctly so that you continue that way. Here are some tips and tricks for beginning iRacing with a blast.

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    Common Tips

    Like all of the text based iPhone RPGs you are going to want to do a few certain things. First, your success in racing competitions is going to rest on how long you stay at a certain level. Instead of leveling up freely, you want to stay in place for a while accruing new cars, race tracks and a healthy stash of money and crew members purchased from your Sponsors. You will have to a certain amount of races from the Garage to get start up money, but after that most money should come from Real Estate.

    Make sure when investing in Real Estate you spread out your purchases, because once you get a piece of property the next piece of the same type is going to be more expensive. This needs to then be balanced with getting the highest yielding properties because you can only hold so many according to how many crew members you have. A crew member can only hold five properties, so try and maximize those that you have.

    Once you do level up to a place where new property types are available sell off all the ones you have and then purchase the newly available ones, balancing between all the new ones so no one property type becomes too expensive.

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    You are asked to do a tutorial right when you begin iRacing. At the bottom of the display right above your vitals will be directions for you to follow. If you do this, you will then get PlayMesh points that you can use to purchase money, crew members or full energy from the Sponsors. Since any other PlayMesh points will cost you money, this will likely be your only shot at getting some. Use them to buy two crew members because this is the best over all value available to you.

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    Races and Bounties

    Try to avoid doing too many competitive races right in the beginning. These will be hard for you to win, which will cost you energy, health and money. If you do win, then you will get experience points, which you want to avoid in the beginning. There is really no point in trying to put bounties on people through the police.