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Enter a Zany World Where Anything Goes in Opoona for Wii

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

One of the most off-beat RPG's to be introduced to the Wii System has arrived. Opoona takes gamers into a wacky world that combines traditional role-playing with lifestyle simulation for players of all ages. Toss your bon-bons and defeat the Dark Force.

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    Opoona is a bubbly young lad from a distant planet named Tizia. When his family decides to go on a well-deserved vacation their spacecraft is attacked and crashes on the planet known as Landroll. He awakens separated from his family in an unfamiliar world. A group of kind Landrollians take Opoona in. Quickly learning the customs, he gets a job working as a ranger while searching for his lost siblings in his free time. Things may not be as they seem though. Opoona’s sister Poleena and brother Copoona could be closer than he thinks, and a sinister force is corrupting the world. Opoona must find a way to assimilate into this new society, locate his lost siblings, and fight the monstrous force plaguing the land.

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    The gameplay in Opoona is diverse. Lifestyle simulation often overlaps with RPG elements and real-time combat. When you begin Opoona you must adapt to the planet Landroll, which means learning how to walk, talk and interact with other fellow Landrollians before you can move on. Once you’ve adjusted there is a massive amount of side quests for you to accomplish. These tasks include obtaining your ranger license, fishing, finding lost puppies, mining, fortune-telling, vacuuming, making deliveries, and even destroying an evil television or two. Most of your quests are done while in the domed habitats. These habitats are huge futuristic areas with high-tech elevators and contemporary towers. Although there is a GPS map available for you to use throughout the game, it’s still quite easy to get lost. Between Opoona’s various jobs he will face random battles. This is where the game gets fun. Enemies will often appear out of nowhere and attack. You’re armed with a floating balls called a bon-bons which can be used as a weapon to strike enemies. Players use the Wii analog stick for combat.

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    Graphics & Sound

    The graphics in this game are quite unusual. The energetic charm is reflected perfectly through the bright colorful visuals. Opoona's bobbly head slightly reminds me of Lego Star Wars. The nicely shaded animations produce an artistic ultramodern cosmic backdrop for your role-playing adventure. Although, some of the metropolitan areas lacked the familiar lunch hour crowds that usually swarm the streets, the environments were very life-like. The details in the Art Museum exhibits and structure of the Landroll Concert Hall are extraordinary. Opoona’s futuristic theme creates an animated world that you can get lost in. Overall, it’s a visually impressive Wii title with an abundance of charm. The lively intergalactic New Age soundtrack keeps gamers inspired as they take their journey through planet Landroll. Sound effects are sufficient, but only used when necessary. Certain points in the game feature no sound at all. For the most part, the game’s graphics make up for the minimal sound.

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    Much like the sound, the controls are basic. You’ll find yourself primarily using the analog stick to maneuver through the game. Gamers can use the handy Nunchuk attachment during play as their only control. There is also an option to add the classic Nintendo controller. This works best for gamers who detest useless controls and want to keep things simple. When playing Opoona, players move the analog stick towards their enemy, then quickly release it to fire a potent bon-bon. Holding down the analog stick for few additional seconds will make the bon-bon more powerful. Be careful though, this method can drain your energy meter. Use it sparingly. Pushing your stick in multiple directions can curve and control your aiming and allows for targeted attacks. Using the analog to toss bon-bons instead of flicking the Wii Remote slightly complicates battles in Opoona. Players who enjoy a challenge will like the minimal control aspects of the game though.

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    Overall Rating:

    Opoona is not your average Nintendo Wii game. This is a peculiar Wii import that takes an energetic approach to RPGs. Developers added aspects of lifestyle simulation into standard role-playing to create a unique gaming experience. The combat incorporates real-time aspects, which keeps Opoona challenging. It has a broad concept that can appeal to gamers of all ages. It’s one of the few RPG titles on Wii worth playing. This Japanese import is filled with enough wackiness to engage and entertain. The upbeat appeal of the game places it in a category apart from the other Wii RPG’s with darker tones. If you’re looking for something different, then Opoona is your game. It takes you on an odd intergalactic adventure that’s as adorable as it is addictive. Any fans of the popular Wii titles Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon will thoroughly enjoy Opoona.


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