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Pocket Noise – Fun Sound App for Windows Mobile

by: Christian Cawley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

If you ever have the urge to ring a bell or toot a horn after cracking a joke, Pocket Noise has these sound effects and more!

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    Windows Mobile Comedy Sound Board

    As novelty apps for Windows Mobile go, Pocket Noise is a one-off.

    It’s basically a portable sound board that allows you to make stupid noises. That’s it!

    Of course, there are plenty of users (me included) that finds such a tool absolutely brilliant. While it’s not a game, it remains a lot of fun, and is the sort of app that you could show off to friends in the club or bar.

    More than that, however, it is a perfect app for embellishing the punchline to an obviously signposted joke or for providing sound effects to a story.

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    Download and Installation Details

    Pocket Noise can be downloaded from and versions are available for the following Windows Mobile display resolutions:

    • VGA
    • QVGA
    • WVGA
    • WQVGA

    The download file is 4.9 MB however, so if you don’t have a generous data plan with your network provider you may opt to download the CAB file to your PC and copy to your Windows Mobile device. You cannot install the app from your PC with a CAB file however, so in either case this installer needs to be on your Windows Phone. Once copied to your mobile device, run the CAB file to begin installation and follow any onscreen instructions.

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    Pocket Noise Screenshots

    Select from a range of sounds in Pocket NoiseThe Pocket Noise buzzer sound effectTap the screen for a horn sound effect
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    8 Sound Effects

    Using Pocket Noise is simple – load the program, browse through the list of 8 sound effects, select the one you want to make a noise with and tap your screen with your finger tip in the appropriate place. For instance, to toot the horn, tap your finger on the rubber sphere at one end of the horn.

    The full list of sound samples:

    Desk bell – traditional hotel desk bell

    Double buzzer – two buzzers with different tones

    Single buzzer – a single buzzer

    Gong – a big gong

    Horn – an old-style car horn

    Doorbell – a typical suburban house doorbell

    D-Day Cricket – clackety-clack!

    Nuke – a nuclear hazard siren.

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    Pocket Noise - Fun and Free

    Pocket Noise is a lot of fun and if employed wisely and with good timing can be a superb novelty app to have at hand.

    The design and layout is finger friendly, while the response from the bells and horns on the touch sensitive interface is on the whole reliable.

    As novelty items for Windows Mobile go, this is one of the better ones. You can’t actually do anything useful with it of course, but Pocket Noise is a lot of fun, it’s free, so why not download and give it a try?