Animal Games

Fish Games

  • Tap Fish Tips: Grow, Sell and Breed
    Tap Fish challenges you to build an awesome aquarium. You can buy, breed and sell all sorts of fish and you’ll need to keep their tank clean, feed them and amuse them for best results. Find some Tap Fish tips here.
  • Best Fish Tank Game on Facebook
    What's the best fish tank game on Facebook? See how your favorite stacks up and how other titles might be worth checking out.
  • FishHunt Review
    Cast and reel in the ultimate catch. Discover what makes Hit Grab's FishHunt a must play for any online fishing aficionado in this full game review.
  • How to Play Fishville on Facebook
    Fishville is a popular Zynga aquarium management game. Players decorate fish tanks and fill them with different fish. This guide will teach you the basics of how to play Fishville on Facebook.
  • Happy Aquarium Tips & Tricks
    Whether you're a beginner or a veteran player discover the best Happy Aquarium tips and tricks to create the ultimate virtual aquarium. Find out how to earn lots of coins, level up quickly, train, breed, and decorate your tank like a Pro.


  • From Neopets to Webkinz: The Business Models of Kids' Games
    Have you ever wondered how these behemoths of kids' social networking make their money when so many of them offer free accounts? Read more to find out.
  • Guide to Getting Started on Neopets
    Neopets is a browser based game that is kid friendly. It is a very large online world that may seem hard to get started playing. However, if you understand the basics of the game, you can play the game like a pro in no time! Read this to find out how.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Neopets
    A comprehensive guide to the free online Neopets game. Adopt a virtual pet, play games, sell items at the shop, and explore Neopia. Bookmark this guide to reference for easy access to articles you’ll want to read as you journey through this game.
  • Avoiding Neopets Cookie Grabbers
    Cookie grabbers for those who play Neopets are getting worse and worse. Here's what you need to know in order to protect yourself from such things.
  • Mara Versus Neopets: Which is Best?
    When selecting an online virtual pet which website rules over the rest? What are the pros and cons of the top two popular adopt a virtual pet websites? Discover what Mara Pets has versus the infamous Neopets and who deserves the title as the best.

Other Pet Games

  • Best Adopt a Pet Games You've Never Heard Of
    There's more than just Mara Pets or Neopets on the World Wide Web. Find out if one of these unknown titles can be your next gaming addiction.
  • Zoo World 2 Review
    Zoo World 2 is a 3D version of the popular Facebook zoo game. Own your own zoo complete with different animals and decorations.
  • Facebook Pet Society Beginner's Guide
    Pet Society is a fun Facebook application that allows users to create virtual pets with their friends online and play games. In this Beginner’s Guide you’ll learn the basics along with some helpful tips on how to gain pet society coins more quickly.
  • Beginner Game Guide to Petville on Facebook
    If you love adopting adorable virtual pets than Petville by Zynga Games may be your next Facbook gaming addiction. In this beginner game guide learn how to care for, teach tricks, and play with your online pet. Discover the secrets to earning buckets of pet love and coins.
  • Becoming an Online Zoo Tycoon: Review of Zoo Paradise
    Ever dreamed of owning your own zoo - building habitats for animals and making money off customers? Zoo Paradise, a free zoo game from CrowdStar, helps you build your zoo building dreams.