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Final Fantasy Chronicles

Free Realms

  • Free Realms Codes & Cheats
    Want exclusive items, a leg up on leveling, and some awesome buffs - all the stuff that people will ask, "Where'd you get that?" Look no further - all of the Free Realms codes and cheats are right here!
  • Pet Care, Tricks, and Tips in "Free Realms"
    Pet trainers in "Free Realms" share special bonds with their pets. With time and training, you can have the benefits of a well-trained pet that will help you in your travels in "Free Realms."
  • Interview: Free Realms
    Adele Caelia continues her exploration of Free Realms by interviewing Laralyn McWilliams, Creative Director for Free Realms at Sony Online Entertainment.
  • Free Realms Membership Guide
    Curious about what benefits a $5 monthly membership will give you in Free Realms? Check in on the myriad of benefits here before you surrender your cash.
  • Strikes from the Shadows: A Guide to the Ninja Job in "Free Realms"
    If you've ever wanted to slip into the shadows and seek honor in the way of the Ninja, this guide to the "Free Realms" Ninja class can help.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Kingdom Hearts II Guide: Secrets and Unlockables
    Playing through Kingdom Hearts II again in preparation for the forthcoming release of the Chain of Memories PS2 remake? Check out this guide for information on how to acquire some rare weapons, summons and more!
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Playstation 2 Game Review
    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a fun, entertaining ride, through a unique world with engaging and satisfying game play and a fun look that makes this classic game on the Playstation 2 an enhancement from the Game Boy Advance title from years ago.
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Walkthrough (PS2)
    Need a little help navigating through Castle Oblivion and taking down bosses like the Guard Armor, the Trickmaster, Hades and Jafar? Check out this guide for information to help get you through the game's first several worlds.
  • Retrospective - Kingdom Hearts Series
    What do you get when one of the giants of the entertainment world joins forces with one of the best RPG developers in the world? A gaming series that has exceeded all expectations and continues to capture the hearts of gamers around the world.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii
    In this article you'll find everything you want to know about the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts game for the Wii! Don't miss it if you are a RPG fan or an avid Kingdom hearts player!



  • Maplestory Aran Guide
    Arans are a new Warrior-type class available to create and play now in Maplestory. One of the heroes of Legend who fought against the Black Mage, Arans are a unique and powerful warrior that uses polearms and a special combo system to deal damage. Read this guide for skill information and builds!
  • Maple Story - Beginner's Guide
    Starting out on becoming a player of the MMORPG Maple Story (Global) but can't seem to get the ball rolling? Check out this beginner's guide to help you out along the way!
  • Maple Story - Hidden Locations Guide
    Maple Story is a popular MMORPG that's hitting the world. This adorable 2D game has millions and millions of players all completing quest after quest and looking for the various hidden maps out there. Well look no more as this guide will show you where these locations are!
  • Maplestory Fire Magic: Classes and Monsters
    One of the three major elements in Maplestory, Fire magic takes the spot as perhaps the most widely used among them. It has a large number of monsters it can deal extra damage to, and many classes have fire skills to support their normal damage skills. Find out more!
  • Maplestory Evan Guide
    Evans are a unique version of mages in Maplestory with many of their own perks and few drawbacks. Use this guide to tame your dragon and advance through the 10 unique job advancements all the way to a dragon master!


  • A Complete Guide to Minecraft
    Looking for more information about the hit sandbox game from Mojang? This guide provides absolutely everything you'd need including the scoop on crafting, information about mods, and more.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Alice Gardens Ambush
    Well, it looks like Tai Yong Medical doesn't like you looking into their hacker connections. It seems that they've decided to clear out Alice Gardens, and it's up to us to make it out alive. I'll explain how to fight or sneak your way out past the Belltower guards.
  • This Server Is Mine...Craft: How to Edit The Server.Config File on Your Minecraft Server
    Getting your Minecraft Server up and running is only the beginning, to truly customize the experience, you'll want to tweak your server.config file to your liking. Our complete guide has information on each category and what you'll want to change to disable PvP, use your existing world, and more.
  • By Your Command: Complete List of Operator Commands For Your Minecraft Server
    Setting up your Minecraft server is only the beginning, you'll also have to wield the powers of an operator to remove unsavory characters who might destroy what you and others have worked so hard to construct. Check out our full list of Minecraft server commands.
  • Live Longer in Minecraft: Ten Things Not to Do
    Minecraft is a great sandbox game filled with cool things to try out. There are also quite a few things you should avoid doing, and this guide will help you do exactly that.

Other RPG Games

  • The World Ends With You -- Cheats, Tips, and Tricks for the Nintendo DS
    Not since the Legend of Zelda: the Phantom Hourglass has a DS game made use of the touch screen controls in such an interesting way. This can be a problem for some people and a boon for others. If you need to gain an advantage in this unique and somewhat quirky DS game, read on.
  • Six Gun Galaxy - Defeating Rivals
    Learn what it takes to survive this zombie infested wasteland. It is a dangerous world out there, to survive you are going to need some reliable teammates. Find the best ones to help you take on the scum of the world. You will need equipment and mods as well.
  • Six Gun Galaxy - Character Skills And Cost
    Do not waste valuable time, coin, and platinum trying to figure out which teammates are best for you. This guide covers all the Six Gun Galaxy character abilities as well as their cost. You'll have the jump on the competition by knowing all the facts.
  • Six Gun Galaxy - How to Level New Teammates the Easy Way
    Many players find themselves leveling alternate characters in Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook. The starter characters start to show their flaws a bit later in the game. To avoid the frustration, this guide will help bring your new desired teammates up to a competitive level within just a few days.
  • We Need More Quirky RPGs
    The RPG genre is usually incredibly serious. Sometimes it's awesome to just have a jolly good time with a comedy role-playing game.

Rune Factory

  • Rune Factory 3 Road Journal - Part 4
    BrightHub writer David Sanchez attempts to patch things up with the mysterious girl from Rune Factory 3, traverses a chilling dungeon, and discovers that his loyal monster helper isn't as useful as he thought.
  • Rune Factory 3 Road Journal - Part 3
    Join BrightHub writer David Sanchez as his quest through Rune Factory 3 and the village of Sharance continues.
  • Rune Factory 3 Road Journal - Part 1
    Rune Factory 3 combines the farming simulation of Harvest Moon with enjoyable action RPG gameplay and socializing elements. Join BrightHub's David Sanchez as he farms, flirts, and fights his way through the town of Sharance.
  • Rune Factory 3 Road Journal - Part 5
    BrightHub's David Sanchez takes on the final dungeon in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.
  • Rune Factory 3 Road Journal - Part 2
    BrightHub's David Sanchez does a little more farming before heading out to the fiery summer-themed land of Sol Terrano Desert.

Social RPG Games

  • Review of Lord of Ultima
    EA takes a crack at free browser-based sims games with Lord of Ultima.
  • Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Games: MMA Pro Fighter Review:
    Play MMA Pro Fighter on Facebook and become a fighter in the popular mixed martial arts sport.
  • Mall World Game Review
    Discover what 50 Cubes' Mall World has to offer players who love to shop til they drop. Open up a boutique, walk the runway in fierce Fashion Shows, and even adopt cute puppies to keep you company. Find how this dress up game compares to others in this stylish review.
  • Animal Paradise Review
    Do you love animals? Take your passion online with Animal Paradise by Rekoo. Discover how this rescue island compares with other similar games on Facebook in this full review.
  • Gunshine Review
    Grab your crappy shotgun and a few good friends from Facebook or Twitter for Supercell's Gunshine. This free to play social role playing game takes gamers on an epic adventure filled with mystery and danger. Find out what makes this futuristic RPG different from other titles.

Tales Series

  • Meet the Characters of Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360
    Thinking about playing Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360? Before you do, you may want to learn more about the characters that are going to make up your battle party. Learn about their personality as well as their fighting style.
  • Tales of Vesperia Achievements Guide
    Want to get all of the 50 achievements for Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360? It can be a bit tough if you're not prepared. Read on to learn about all the achievements, what they are worth, and how you can get them.
  • Preview of Tales of Graces F
    Tales of Graces F is an enhanced remake of the Wii RPG Tales of Graces, which launched last year. This remake is due out in December on the PlayStation 3. Though no details have arisen regarding a launch outside of Japan, here's hoping Namco Bandai releases the game in North America and PAL regions.
  • Retro Game Reviews: Tales of Phantasia For Gameboy Advance
    "Tales of Phantasia" is the first of all the Tales games. Does it live up to its successors? I played it to find out and here is what I found on my Gameboy Advance.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Wii Walkthrough
    Get hooked and addicted in this Wii RPG, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and cruise along easy street with the help of this guide / walkthrough!


  • Terraria Servers: Find the Best or Make Your Own!
    Servers in Terraria are the basis of everything you're able to do in the multiplayer arena, and they vary wildly. Some are small worlds, some are large. Some offer persistent worlds, while others reset on a daily basis. Read on for a listing of the best!
  • Cheater of Games has Awakened! Cheats and Exploits for Terraria
    Developing more powerful tools, weapons and armor is key to surviving in Terraria, but finding enough of the materials for these items can be a painful experience. Learn how to locate and duplicate scarce resources with Bright Hub's look at the cheating side of Terraria.
  • Crafting in Terraria: What You Need to Know
    There are plenty of crafting recipes to create basic and unique items in Terraria. You can create a variety of items and weapons, as well as healing and mana restoration potions. This guide provides recipes so you can craft items critical to your survival!
  • An Introduction to Terraria's Gameplay for Newcomers
    If you're new to Terraria and feeling lost or confused as to what you should be doing upon starting, then this is the guide for you. With this guide in hand, you won't be confused anymore as to what you should be doing at the game's beginning.
  • Review for Terraria (PC)
    Terraria is a downloadable game for the PC, available on Steam. It's quite cheap to buy and while it may look like a SNES game, it's fun to play which is what counts. However, it's also quite different, so the game does need to be described.

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