Racing Games

Racing Games

iPhone Game Reviews: Death Rally Review

Fans of car racing and combat racers will surely enjoy playing Death Rally for iPhone. It puts plenty of fire power at your disposal, features great and varied racing tracks, solid gameplay, and special enemies and characters – all contributing to a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping combat racer.

JellyCar 3 iPhone Game Review

Quite frankly, I’ve never heard of this game called JellyCar before. So I was a bit surprised to find out that it is already on its third version. For a game to reach this number in the series, it must be really good. Is it? Well, you have to read the rest of this review to find out.

iPhone Best Driving Games Top Ten List

The iPhone’s best driving games really give you a sense of feeling of the different surfaces you are driving on, and different cars you are controlling. There are many different types of racing game on iPhone from F1 to motorbikes, dirt racing to cartoon karts. But, what are the best?

Asphalt 5 for iPhone Review

Asphalt 5 for iPhone is the latest in the Asphalt series. Does that mean it’s worth the three dollar premium they’re charging, or are they riding a good name into the ground? Read our full Asphalt 5 review to find out!