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Review of the Blobster iPhone Game

The iPhone has become the top platform for casual games, and yet it is sometimes hard to find good games with so many poorly made games flooding iTunes. Blobster is a game that clearly had a lot of effort put into it and takes fun aspects from many different games and creates a unique game.

Building a Tiny Tower on the iPhone

Tiny Tower is a game that allows you to build a skyscraper on the iPhone. Taking full advantage of the iPhone this is a simple, yet addictive, game that can be a great way to spend a few minutes on your break or an hour ferrying people up and down on elevators to earn some extra money.

The Heist iPhone Puzzle Game Review

The Heist is an iPhone game made up of four simple and classic puzzle games. These include a block pushing game, block sliding game, a sliding puzzle game and a Sudoku style puzzle game with some major differences. Completing these helps you to bypass the security of a bank vault and win a prize.

The Top 5 iPhone Adventure Games

Portable adventuring can’t get better than this, thanks to some great adventure games designed for the iOS platform. With the classic point-and-click game mechanics, these games utilize iPhone’s touch screen pretty well and provide satisfying gameplay.

Review: Gears for iPhone

If you’re looking for another fun game to play on your iPhone, this game is definitely worth your time. The game has all the bells and whistles that you’ll look for in an entertaining and beautifully rendered iPhone game.