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    • Control your Children's Activities with Parental Controls
      Follow the directions in this step-by-step guide to enable parental controls for your Sony PLAYSTATION 3. Doing so lets you be in control of what games your children can access and play when you’re not around to supervise.
    • Control what Games your Children Play on their Gaming Console
      You can be in control of what games your children can access and play when you’re not around to supervise.
    • Guide to the ESRB Ratings System
      For those unfamiliar with video gaming, the ESRB ratings system can be a great way to determine exactly what kind of game you're buying. Check out our guide for detailed descriptions of each rating and examples of games that fit into each rating category.
    • What Are the Effects of Video Games on Children?
      While the media often focuses its attention on negative aspects of gaming, it rarely discusses the positive effects of playing video games on children. Explore some of the ways in which gaming can improve a child's cognitive and perceptual abilities, and social skills.
    • Teaching Children to Use a Computer: What Every Parent Should Know
      Teaching children the use of a computer is a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and child. This Bright Hub will discuss ages at which a child should begin learning, as well as fun activities they can do while on a computer.
    • Is There Risk of Eye Damage from the 3DS?
      If you're worried about the 3DS causing some permanent to your eyes, or if you're looking to buy one for someone else and want to know what the consequences could be, check out this article. Could there be truth to these rumors?
    • Using the Video Game Content Ratings Systems to Purchase Games
      You have decided to give a video game as a gift this year, but you have no idea where to start finding the right thing. Well, worry no more! This guide is here to help. Learn more about using the video game content ratings systems to select appropriate games for all ages.
    • Do Violent Video Games Influence Children?
      Since the 1990s, video games have been linked in the popular media with causing violent behaviour in children. In this article, Bright Hub looks at the origins of this perception, the actual scientific evidence and what parents can do to better understand their children's gaming habits.
    • Effects of Playing Video Games on Children
      Parents did you know that playing video games can be used as a learning tool both inside and outside the classroom? The effects of playing video games on children can span to subjects such as cognitive, reading, math and even memory tools for preschool and up.
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