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    • Musaic Box Review and Guide
      If you’re looking for a different gaming experience on your Android or BlackBerry smartphone then you shouldn’t miss Musaic Box. This inventive title combines hidden object gameplay with musical puzzles and it looks gorgeous.
    • Launch the Exploding Sheep - Worms are Attacking!
      Legendary Team 17 classic Worms is now available for Android, and has recently been discounted to just 99 cents. If you have never played this 16-bit retro gaming legend then prepare for a new-found addiction to explosive carnage...
    • Jump Your Way to Unknown Realms with Dragon, Fly!
      Dragon, Fly! is a new and addictive game for Android that quickly stole the hearts of many mobile gamers. Although the gameplay and graphics are a bit simple, you will get easily hooked on this game. Read on for a quick review and the best tips and tricks for progressing quickly through the game!
    • Symphony of Eternity Reviewed
      Before they were filled with 3D models and flashy cinematics, Japanese RPGs had a 2D cartoon style look. With the increase in popularity of mobile devices, old school JRPGs are making a bit of a comeback and Symphony of Eternity for Android phones is hoping to jump on the bandwagon.
    • Pocket Empires Review
      If you are looking for an engaging mobile game for your Android phone, Pocket Empires is a very good choice. It is a massively multiplayer online game that requires strategy and offers a wide array of features.
    • Speed Forge Review
      Speed Forge for Android phones feature impressive full 3D graphics that push the boundaries of the capabilities of Android phones. However, it may not be enough to satisfy mobile racing gamers in the long run.
    • Totemo Review
      Totemo is an innovative puzzle game that integrates an engaging story with challenging puzzles. In this article, we discuss why Totemo is one of the best puzzle games available on any platform.
    • How to Build Your Own Paradise Island
      If you’re a fan of sim management games then you’ll be glad to see titles like Paradise Island popping up on the iPhone and now Android. The game challenges you to create an amazing resort on an island by building various attractions and amenities. However, there are some major drawbacks.
    • Protect the World from Oppressive Robots in Robotek for Android
      Robotek is a brand new game for Android and one of the first that uses the new in-app purchasing model to benefit the developers. We have a look at the quality of the game and decide whether in-app purchasing has worked well in this instance.
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