180 Ultra - Android Puzzle Game Review

180 Ultra - Android Puzzle Game Review
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How it Works

As with most puzzle games, the premise of 180 Ultra is simple, at the bottom of the screen you have a colored coin, at the top, six columns of colored coins slowly descending down the screen. The are no tricky angles to work out like in Bust a Move, just touch one of the columns to shoot your coin up the screen. Match three or more coins of the same colour and they disappear. That sounds a bit too simple, right? Well, when you match three or more coins, not only do they disappear, but any other adjacent coins of the same color also disappear (and any adjacent to them, etc), so if the coins are set up right, you can clear a lot of the screen with a single go. One last thing, every coin has two different colors, and you can flip them by touching them, you can even flip a coin before you play it, and you can flip the coins before everything drops into place, so if you’ve got fast fingers, you can set up a chain reaction.

So, that’s how it works, but is it any good?

Graphics & Sound (3 out of 5)

It’s a puzzle game so it doesn’t look spectacular, and as the game involves matching colors, you might find it difficult if you have any degree of color-blindness. The game does try to compensate for this by having different shapes on the coins, but it’s hard to tell what the flipside of a coin is without looking closely.

The background music is well suited to the game, and sound effects let you know when you’ve got a big chain going. Both graphics and sound are pretty much what you would expect from an Android puzzle game.

Game Modes (5 out of 5)

180 Ultra

180 Ultra uses Openfeint, so there are plenty of achievements to go for that keep you playing and the game offers four different gaming modes to play; Endless Mode is pretty much as you’d expect, keep playing until you can’t stop the coins from reaching the bottom of the screen, Score Attack gives you 90 seconds to score as many points as you can, Time Attack requires you to clear 250 coins as quick as possible and Drop Attack gives you 90 seconds to create as many combos as you can to build up your distance dropped.

Overall (5 out of 5)

For less than $2, 180 Ultra is a welcome addition to the Android puzzle game range, it satisfies the puzzle game criteria of being easy to play, but tricky to master, and has game modes that offer a quick go, or a longer session with the Endless Mode.

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