Overview of Dungeon Rampage: A Unique Facebook RPG

Overview of Dungeon Rampage: A Unique Facebook RPG
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If you’ve ever had the urge to run through a dungeon kicking monster-butt, Rebel Entertainment has just provided you the opportunity. Dungeon Rampage is a fast-paced RPG that offers a little more adventure than your typical Facebook game. This RPG is ideal for those wishing for a deeper, more challenging, action-oriented game, while at the same time offering a cool way to connect with your real-life friends in the gaming environment. It will appeal to casual gamers as well, as the game is easy to pick up, and fun to play. Those looking for a more in-depth gaming experience will appreciate the game’s new offerings coming up, which include new heroes and weapons. However, those looking for a quick gaming fix may not want to invest too much time in this game, as it can become more complex as it continues. Read on for more details.


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Evil Lord Dinglepus is terrorizing the village, demanding more and more from the townspeople. In order to distract them from his evil ways, he has created the Dungeon Games and promoted these epic fights as a source of entertainment to common people, and a source of potential treasure for contenders. You play a hero who is not solely interested in their own self-promotion, but also wants to vanquish Lord Dinglepus and aid the townspeople. You probably feel more altruistic already.


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Gameplay is pretty easy to pick-up. Your mission is to rampage through the dungeons with your team. You can create a team with your Facebook friends. If none of your current friends are available the game will create a team for you with members who are at a similar level as you. If you meet someone along the way you really enjoy fighting with, you can add them to be a friend with you in the game whether or not you are Facebook friends with them. As you play you collect coins, treasure and stars that are evenly distributed to the team mates. The one exception to this is food items which only apply to your character to help restore your health. As you progress through the game your hero increases in their skill points. At the end of each battle you can unlock a new treasure item with a key (keys can be purchased in the game or occasionally found in chests.) Map

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The main map is easy to navigate. Storage shows you your items. The shop is where you can purchase new items. Training shows your skill levels, trophies, keys and weapons. Visit the tavern to view all the different hero options. These include:

  • Berserker
  • Ranger
  • Sorcerer
  • Battle Chef
  • Slayer of the Supernatural
  • Ghost Samurai

Initially all that is available to you is the Berserker, with other heroes being unlocked as you play the game. Rebel Entertainment plans to release new heroes continually, with a fire wizard hero complete with fire demon coming soon. Click on Battle Maps to choose your next arena. You start out in the Rookie league and work your way through, getting closer and closer to Lord Dinglepus. As you work through the maps your team will encounter several boss nodes, including an Uber Boss at the end of each map.

What’s Coming Up Next?


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  Rebel Entertainment is working hard to ensure the game never gets boring for its users with plenty of new stuff coming out all the time. Some new things to watch for include: a new hero, lots of new skins, and new weapons with different effects. The new weapons will be very interesting to current players as they have the ability to make game playing much more complex. Weapons will have different effects depending on who you are fighting, so it makes sense to choose carefully what weapons you are bringing into the arena. Sound interesting? Sign up for the Beta version, and you’ll be awarded a free Berserker Chieftan. While this game may not appeal to battle-hardened, experienced gamers looking for more immersive experiences, it is sure to capture the attention and mind share of newer RPG gamers and casual gamers alike.