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Rules for Classic Card Games Quiz

Do you think you know the rules to card games better than others? Test your knowledge of these classic card game rules, and see just how well you know how to play your favorite games.

Magic: The Gathering – Famous and Banned Cards Quiz

From Black Lotus to the infamous Moxs, Magic: The Gathering has a rich a colorful history filled with cards that many people never own, much less use in play. How much do YOU know about these famous and banned cards?

Family Friendly Guide to Card Games

A comprehensive guide to family friendly card games. These are perfect for a family game night, or any night where you have time to spend together. Be sure to bookmark this guide for future reference to some of the best card games to play with your family.

Uno 40th Anniversary Edition Card Game

Uno celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011, and what better way to celebrate than to get a deck of Uno cards into every home in America. Sound absurd? Well when they charge only $1.00 for the promotional 40th anniversary Uno deck, its hard to imagine that they are doing anything else.

The Rules for Mille Bornes

The classic french card game brought to the states by Parker Brothers in 1962 allows for individual players or teams of two to compete in a 1000 mile race. Thwart your opponents by causing accidents, flattening-tires, and emptying gas tanks. Don’t worry, though, the rules for Mille Bornes allow it!

Uno Rummy Up Rules

With easy to follow rules, Uno Rummy Up provides a unique adaptation of the classic Rummy Tiles game for two to four players. In addition to playing the normal sets and runs you are familiar with, you will force other players to draw two, draw four, and be skipped in no time.