Farm Games


  • Everything You Need to Know About Zynga's FarmVille
    FarmVille is a fun way to interact with your friends on Facebook while growing your very own virtual farm. However, you can't expect to be a master farmer immediately. Everyone has to start somewhere! Here is the ultimate guide to learning the tricks of the game so you can be a FarmVille expert!
  • Farmville English Countryside Game Guide: How to Breed Pigs
    Play Farmville English Countryside and get your second farm in England. Plant new crops, get faster mastery, and place all new items on your farm. Use this guide to learn about the new pig breeding that has come to the English Countryside.
  • From Knucklebones to Farmville – Social Gaming Phenomenon
    Social gaming soars stratospherically as sagacious salesmen stare at salient statistics, while spondulics are served. Sempervirent scenes send seniors to Shangri-la, all to gamers’ suspicions. Social gaming facts, figures and thoughts on Brighthub.
  • Farmville Garden Shed and Farmville Workshop
    The workshop and garden shed in Farmville are good ways to decorate your Farm. Both of the buildings do cost Farmville coins, but they give experience points and one of them even stores perfect bunches of flowers! Find out more about the garden shed in Farmville and the workshop with this guide.
  • Do We Need Another Farm Game?
    Do players really want another farm game? Read about all the different farm games that people play and that developers make.

Harvest Moon

  • Review of Rune Factory: Frontier for the Nintendo Wii
    Rune Factory: Frontier features gameplay similar to the Harvest Moon series, only with swords, and a few more activities to keep you entertained and busy as you build your virtual life. If you have played a game in either of these series, you will find Frontier to be a definite upgrade.
  • Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility Wii Game Review
    Harvest Moon has been entertaining a loyal group of fans for a decade, with a fun and entertaining idea that works well and is enjoyable to play. Tree of Tranquility is still the same old fun, and even with nothing really new it still provides enough to keep new and old laughing and playing.
  • Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands - The Next In The Saga of Harvest Moon DS Games
    Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands is a remake of Island of Happiness. Does it fix what that game did wrong while improving upon the whole Harvest Moon scenario? Let's take a look at this newest Harvest Moon DS title and see what it does, and doesn't, do.
  • Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review For The Nintendo DS
    Two words: Puzzle farming. For puzzle game lovers, who could ask for more? Well, let's take an in-depth look into Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming to see just what you are missing out on and why this is a great little Nintendo DS game.
  • DS Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Walkthrough: Marriage
    There are so many different things to learn in Rune Factory, and sometimes marriage is one of the last on your list. You don't have to get married in Rune Factory, but if you want to it's a good idea to know how to win the heart of the girl you choose.

Other Farming Games

  • Which Farm Game Did This?
    Do you like farming games? Try this quiz and see if you can get all the questions right. Take a break from planting crops and test your farming knowledge.
  • Tap Ranch 2: Farming Fun for iPhone
    There are a lot of farming games on the iPhone, but only a few stand out. One of those standouts is Tap Ranch 2. Using many of the same mechanics as the other farming games it adds on layers of strategy as you can use the crops you harvest to create more expensive goods.
  • A Gamer's Guide to Gardenscapes
    Gardenscapes the game is a hidden object and time management title. Looking for some tips? Here is some information about the game and suggestions to help you out.
  • Walk Through for Zen Gardens in PvZ
    This walk through explains how to grow a Zen Garden in PopCap's game, Plants vs. Zombies. It also includes how to buy the Aquarium Garden and the Mushroom Garden in PvZ. This guide explains how to use chocolate and Stinky the snail in addition to the Tree of Wisdom.
  • Facebook Game Review: Garden World
    Grow your own garden on Facebook. Buy planters, seeds, andcollect game coins once they reach maturity. Water your plants and watch our for weeds that could damage their health. Purchase fun decorative items from the game store for your garden.

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