Sports and Fitness Games

Basketball Games

  • Facebook Game Reviews: NBA Legend
    NBA Legend is a Facebook Basketball game. Pick your NBA team and lead it to greatness with NBA Legend on Facebook. Pick a name for your player and learn the ropes of the NBA.
  • Facebook Game Reviews: NBA Dynasty
    NBA Dynasty is a Facebook basketball simulation game from Playdom. Play games against other NBA teams and develop your squad. Change your lineup around with real NBA player cards. The ultimate NBA game awaits you on Facebook.
  • Fun and Free BasketBall Online Sports Games
    Are you ready to hoop like never before? Well lace up and get ready to ball with these cool basketball online sports games for kids. Kids will be aiming for the basket with everything from bubbles to shooting stars.
  • Free Basketball Games for iPhone
    There are many paid basketball games for iPhone and there are many free ones. But how good are these free games really? Here, we give you five of the best free basketball game apps for iPhone. Read on and tell us whether we are wrong in listing these free basketball games for iPhone as the best.
  • Freestyle Street Basketball MMO Review
    The only free-to-play, street basketball game available as an MMO is Freestyle. And despite its originality this multiplayer online hoop-shooter fails to deliver in many key areas.

Bowling Games

Football Games

  • Facebook Games: Madden NFL Superstars Review
    Madden NFL Superstars takes you to the football field on Facebook to create your very own team full of NFL players. Create your team, logo and start playing games. Use new player cards to fill up your roster and use special moves to gain the advantage in the game.
  • Facebook Game Reviews: Gridiron Live
    Gridiron Live is a Football simulation game on Facebook. Players can build their teams with different rated players, play the computer, or each other using different plays from their playbook. New plays and players can be purchased in the marketplace with game coins or real cash.
  • Football Games for Kids: Score your first Touchdown !
    Are you a ready to score a touchdown and prove to your friends how many tackles you can perform in record time? Try these football games for kids which will have you running just about every play that is put before you !
  • NFL 2011 for iPhone Reviewed
    As a football fan you plant yourself in front of the TV to watch each and every football match during the NFL Season. You are now anticipating NFL 2011, but the good news is that you can start watching the games and even playing them from now with the release of Gameloft’s NFL 2011 for iPhone.
  • NFL 2010: Best Football Game for iPhone
    NFL 2010 is a great football game and possibly the best example of how powerful the iPhone is as a portable gaming device.

Golf Games

  • Review of the Nintendo Wii Golf Kit with Sound Plus and the Nintendo Wii Baseball Kit with Sound Plus: Sound Off With Wii Sports Accessories
    “Sound Plus" isn't just part of the name, it’s probably the most important part. So whether you're into golf (Nintendo Wii Golf Kit with Sound Plus) or baseball (Nintendo Wii Baseball Kit with Sound Plus), say hi to sound that's up close and personal when you grab these guys.
  • We Love Golf! Wii Game Review
    We Love Golf! is an easy to learn and play game for the Wii that is suitable for all ages, similar to Hot Shots and Mario Golf, yet with a distinct flair of its own. Cute, entertaining characters from Capcom games you maybe familiar with, Jill Valentine, Dante and even Ryu and Chun-Li play regularly
  • Beginner’s Guide to Golf Tips for the Wii
    Playing golf in Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort isn’t as easy as you may think. Find out how to master the game with this guide to give you tips for playing golf on the Wii! Even if you can’t master it, you can still have fun with it a little more with the tips in this guide.
  • Adrenaline Golf iPhone Game Review
    If you're looking for a golf game that is not too serious on game play but more on the graphics and animation aspects, then you might want to get Adrenaline Golf. It's like any other iPhone golf game, but this time the developers put some steroids in the game's graphics and animation.
  • Mini Golf Wacky Worlds iPhone Game Review
    Mini Golf Wacky World is cute fantasy golf game for the iPhone. It is set in a colorful game environment that features cool animation as well as challenging game level design. Be warned though, this may be a great game, but it may not be for serious gamers looking for a realistic iPhone golf game.

Other Fitness Games

  • Can a Video Game Really Help You Lose Weight?
    Love video games, but unsure about working out with them? The Nintendo Wii offers a variety of workout games, and one is right for you. So, get off your couch and get moving with special exercise games aimed to help you lose weight – it works!
  • Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum for Wii
    If you're trying to find a video game that gives you a good workout, you may be tempted to pick up a copy of this fitness game. Unfortunately, this is a title with big intentions that somehow manages to fall short of expectations.
  • Daisy Fuentes Pilates Review for Nintendo Wii
    Daisy Fuentes Pilates implements the Wii Balance Board and Wii remote in ways that are more distracting than useful for getting a good work out. Daisy may be easy on the eyes, but will she help you lose weight?
  • Working up a Sweat with Fitness Dash - Hints and Tips
    Can you whip the people of Dinertown into shape? In Fitness Dash, help Jo the Jogger run a gym with cardio and strength style exercise equipment. Find out what it takes to play the game and get some tips to help improve your scores, earn bonus points and keep gym members happy.
  • Nintendo Wii Review of Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010: Fitness Boot Camp
    Jilliian Michaels wants you to stop exercising your mouth and firm up. She knows what it takes to motivate and manipulate your body so that you can look good and feel good. Ladies - you know she's got your back so lets get with the program!

Other Sports Games

  • The Official ITTF Rules of Table Tennis
    You might have had a ping pong table in your garage growing up, but did you ever really know how to play the game? You can finally learn the official rules and regulations of table tennis here, and what you find might surprise you.
  • Celebrity Sports Showdown Wii Game Review
    Celebrity Sports Showdown gives me the feeling this idea was born at a marketing meeting and not a development session. The gameplay of the final product appears to be aimed at making a few quick bucks before we notice. It is recommended for young and casual gamers for a few minutes of quick fun.
  • Facebook Games: ESPNU College Town Game Guide
    ESPNU College town lets you build your own college on Facebook. Use residences, entertainment , venues and academic buildings as you construct your thriving college. Play games against other Facebook users and bring your team to the top of the leader boards.
  • Facebook Game Guides: Dynasty Hockey Game Guide
    Own your own NHL team full of past and present NHL stars. Play against other Facebook users or NHL teams. Draft players and manage your roster with Dynasty Hockey. Learn how to play the game with this guide.
  • Facebook Games: Dynasty Hockey
    Dynasty Hockey puts you in control of your own hockey franchise. Can you take your team made up of past and present NHL stars to hockey glory?

Soccer Games

  • The Same Old Story is New Again: Pocket League Story Review and Guide on Android
    In 2010, Kairosoft released the sleeper hit “Game Dev Story", which charged players with managing a game company. A year, and 5 “Story" games later, comes Pocket League Story, in which you manage a soccer team. A solid addition to the series, it's sure to please fans of the genre, and soccer, alike.
  • Real Football 2011 Review
    Football or soccer, as the Americans call it, is said to be the sport of champions. Real Football 2011 is made to bring the stars of the World Cup games right to the palm of your hands with realistic gameplay and good graphics. Here is our Real Football 2011 review.
  • What is the Best Football Manager Game for Windows Mobile?
    "Who would want to be a football manager?" All of the Windows Mobile football manager games below, allow you to do just that - without the stress of the post-match interview, and unhappy crowds when you lose. They each offer something different from a complete package, to basic retro gaming.
  • Soccer Games for Kids: Are you ready to Kick?
    Hey young soccer jocks ! Are you kids ready to practice for the next World Cup? Well here's a great way to start with these great soccer games for kids, you will be kicking that ball all over the field before the big game.
  • Real Soccer 09 Review
    Get on the field and prepare yourself for one of the best sports titles to hit the iTunes application store.

Wii Sports

  • Hints, Tips and Strategies for Wii Sports Resort
    Check out some great tips for some of our favorite events in Wii Sports Resort. Find out how to replay the skydiving introduction, hit those distant bullseyes in Archery, boost indefinitely in Cycling, and much more with our guide.
  • Wii Sports Training Guide: Baseball
    The running and fielding are automatic in Wii Sports, so you need to concentrate on the confrontation between the pitcher and batter. Batting is about waiting for the pitch you want to hit and then timing your swing to the ball's arrival over the plate, while pitching is about fooling the batter.
  • Wii Sports Training Guide: Boxing
    This Boxing guide for Wii Sports teaches you the basics of the Wii console virtual boxing experience, introduces you to the included boxing training exercises, and even provides you with winning strategies for boxing your way to victory! Use these skills to master it on your Wii console.
  • Wii Sports Training Guide: Golf
    This Wii Sports Golf Training Guide teaches you the basic motions you will need to make to execute the shots, as well as introduce you to the the training exercises included with Wii Sports Golf, and even gives you a few tips and hints on winning strategies.
  • Comparing Nintendo Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort: Is Either One Better?
    If you like Wii Sports, the game that comes with the Nintendo Wii when you purchase it, you might really like Wii Sports Resort. This game builds upon what Wii Sports began. But will you like the resort variation? Find out when you read about these Wii Sports vs. Resort features.


  • Your Guide to Wii Fit
    Here's your organized, comprehensive guide to information on Wii Fit. We're players ourselves, so we had a vested interest in making sure this list of articles is informative and complete.
  • Feel the Burn - Great Calorie Burning Fitness Games on Wii
    Looking at the best fitness games for Wii, is a reminder of the way in which the Wii has transformed game playing from a sitting on the couch experience, to a much more get-up-and-go experience. So what are the best Wii fit games for burning calories?
  • Wii Fit: Yoga and Meditation
    Explore the benefits of the Yoga and meditation exercises included in Wii Fit. Can you obtain enlightenment through a video game?
  • Best Strength Exercises for Wii Fit
    Want to build strength but don’t have space for an entire home gym? Find out which strength exercises for the Wii Fit will help you build and tone muscle, strengthen your endurance and provide hours of fun at the same time.
  • Guide to Unlockable Items and Activities in Wii Fit
    Find out how to unlock all the Balance, Aerobic, and Strength activities in Wii Fit with our guide. Check out all the great Wii Fit rewards you can work towards.