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Get Buzzy! Bug Village Tips & Guide

Bug Village is one of those empire building games that we’ve become so fond of, only this one is a little bit different. You get to run a colony of ants, bees and beetles rather than be a business tycoon or run your own town, and it all looks pretty great too. But is it a bit too cutesy?

Gaming Mascot Trivia Challenge!

Whether you’ve been a gamer all your life or you’re just getting into this console business, mascots will become immediately apparent. Test your knowledge of famous gaming mascots and less famous failed mascots here in our quiz!

Top 10 Capcom Mobile Games

Since 2005, Capcom Interactive has released several re-imagined versions of cult classics. Some of the best are direct ports and re-imagined versions of popular classic games like 1942, Phoenix Wright and Mega Man. There are plenty of new games too however.