Other Game Types

Arcade Games

Dance Games

  • Disco Empire Facebook Review
    Disco Empire takes you back to the 70s as you create your own disco establishment. Serve drinks, make a dance floor and keep your guests entertained.
  • Review and Analysis of the Wii's Just Dance 2
    Just Dance 2 for the Wii is the hotly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking Just Dance game. The original is still great, but not without its shortcomings, so can the second in this dance series right these wrongs?
  • Just Dance for the Wii Review - Great Workout and Fun!
    If you want to have fun and workout at the same time, Just Dance is probably the Wii game for you!
  • Review: Dancing with the Stars: The PC Game
    Reality shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars have always dazzled audiences with their stirring as well as controversial moments. American Idol’s huge franchise fared miserably on the gaming screen. Is Dancing with the Stars game another poor video game version of a reality show?
  • DanceDanceRevolution: Disney Grooves Wii Console Game Review
    DanceDanceRevolution: Disney Grooves is a two-stepping dancing-experience with engaging game play, an interesting style and presentation, and 40 enjoyable-songs from 60 years of Disney fun. Recommended for kids and adults who like family games designed to get everybody involved

Fashion Games

  • Posh Boutique 2 - Fashion Filled Game Tips
    Alicia has won the lottery! She decides to use the money to build up her chain of clothing boutiques. It is a time management game where fashion is king. Can you help her make her businesses a success? Find out details about the game and get a few tips to help you out.
  • Become a Virtual Designer & Trends Setter
    Learn what it takes to dominate the fashion industry in this fun social RPG where players run their own design studio and freelance for celebrities. It's all about the style. Discover how the Facebook game Fashion Designer compares to others in this full review.
  • Hair Makeovers on Facebook
    Unlock your inner beautician with Salon Street. Discover what this virtual hair and nail game has to offer. Find out if it has what it takes to compete with other popular makeover simulation games.
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents Review
    The animated series Totally Spies! has invaded Facebook. Join a secret global organization to protect mankind from evil and last season's trends in Totally Spies Fashion Agents. Take out henchmen, go shopping, and build your dream house. Discover what being a spy has to offer in this review.
  • Complete Fashion Wars Game Guide
    Fashion Wars is what happens when you combine lots of attitude, style, and divas in a competition to see who has the shopping chops to become Top Fashionista in a virtual world where fashion is everything. Discover how to be the best in this complete Fashion Wars Game Guide.

Free Retro Games

  • Online Games for Kung Fu Panda Fans
    If you like the burly, cutie panda and his crazy martial arts, chances are you will adore these free games. Games like Legend of the Wu Sisters, Find the Alphabet and Mahjong Mayhem are some of the top choices.
  • Atlantis Quest Hints and Tips
    Are you looking for help playing Atlantis Quest? This classic match 3 game provides in interesting set of challenges in its multi-shaped areas. Use these Atlantis Quest hints and tips to help you obtain the ancient artifacts and locate the lost city.
  • Gamer's Guide to Hotel Dash Suite Success
    Looking for help with the Hotel Dash Suite Success game? Although game play has many similarities with other Diner Dash titles, there are variations that will need attention to succeed as It's one of those time management games that does require a bit of strategy.
  • A Guide to Doodle Devil Combinations
    The latest puzzler from the makers of Doodle God provides more challenges. You can now create outlandish elements that weren’t possible to create in the previous versions. Doodle Devil truly adds more variety to the series.
  • Kitchen Brigade Game Play and Helpful Tips
    Are you looking for help with Kitchen Brigade game? This time management game has a variety of characters and features that will provide you with a lot of challenges. Find out how to play and get helpful tips on increasing your score, improving customer patience and using upgrades.

Game Shows

  • Facebook Game Show Apps: Jeopardy
    Jeopardy is a Facebook game based upon the hit T.V. game show. Try to guess the answers to questions for prize money.
  • Facebook Trivia Game Shows
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a Facebook game based upon the hit T.V. game show with the same name. Answer questions and win prize money with Who Want To Be A Millionaire on Facebook.
  • Facebook Price is Right Review
    The Price is Right comes to Facebook. Play this popular T.V. game show right from Facebook and try to get into the showcase round. Compete against other Facebook users and guess the right price. Practice the mini games like safe crackers or the clock round.
  • Wii Family Feud Review
    This Wii Family Feud Review covers the game and some of the highlights of the fun.
  • Play Family Feud for Free Online
    Learn where to play one of the longest running game shows on television. Play the Family Feud Game Online. Become a contestant and compete to see how your opinion stacks up in the polls.

Indie Games

  • The Best Independently Developed PC Games
    It's hard to find comprehensive lists of the best Independent releases for the PC. Here we try to rectify that by providing a list of the best indie games that money can buy. Most of these choices have a nominal cost and can be easily considered worthy budget purchases.
  • Spotlight on Indie #5: What Makes Indie Gaming So Awesome?
    On this edition of Spotlight on Indie, we highlight the best reasons to play indie games.
  • Indie Game Goodness
    Finding the best Independent games isn’t always easy. By definition, these games don’t have the resources of a large publisher to advertise them. Here are a couple that are certainly worth a look.
  • Play These Three Great Indie Adventure Games
    You may be familiar with Tales of Monkey Island, Nancy Drew, and other popular adventure games, but some independent developers have also created excellent titles that are just as good as the mainstream products. These three indie games are worth playing for their clever puzzles and creativity.
  • Top Single-Player Card Battle Games Online
    While there are plenty of card battle games on the Internet, quite a few single-player collectible card games have wowed the gaming audience with their excellent artwork and depth in gameplay. Here are some of the most popular free single-player card battle games on the Internet.

Lego Games

  • Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7: Review
    Fans of Harry Potter will want to grab their wands to play the Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 video game. Is it really a family game though? Can kids and adults enjoy playing it? Find out in this review!
  • A War for Kids? A Look at the Clone Wars for Parents
    As any fan of Star Wars, you might want to introduce your kid to the vision that some guy named Lucas had. With the popularity of the Lego Star Wars games, does the Clone Wars have what it takes to continue the tradition? Is it kid friendly?
  • Lego Agents: Lego Alpha Team
    This game is just as great as Lego: Batman and Lego: Star Wars, but more action oriented than other Lego games because it has more physical challenges than they do. Lego Alpha Team is a sweet game that is going to be enjoyed by kids and as well as adults.
  • Nintendo Wii Cheats - LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Sage
    Don't let the LEGO portion of the title fool you, these game can get pretty tough. Channel the force with these helpful cheats.
  • Review LEGO Family Game: Minotaurus
    LEGO has some great family friendly board games out now. Check out this review of the lego minotaur board game. Greek myth meets family game night with Minotaurus!

MMO Games

Ninja Games

  • Ninja Warz Strategies and Guide
    In the MMO Ninja Warz, playing the best possible game is not always an easy decision. You have to take it from a different angle if you want your clan to be a step above the rest.
  • Ninja Warz: Boss the First
    Though there are many bosses in the game Ninja Warz, few are as difficult as the first one. This is because most players do not take the time to prepare for that first boss fight in the game.
  • Fruit Ninja Review
    Maybe you're looking for a great little game to play on the bus ride to work in the morning, or maybe you just want to take your aggression out on some unsuspecting fruit. Either way, Fruit Ninja is bound to be exactly what you're looking for. Read on for our full run-down and review!
  • Ninjas III Tips: Leaderboard
    Here is a guide for the Leaderboard in Ninjas III for the iPhone.
  • Ninjas Live Tips: Clients
    Here is a guide to, and some tips for, the Ninjas Live Clients process.

Other Casual Games

  • Get Creative!
    Social games on sites such as Facebook are not only popular, they are letting users get creative, too. In this article, we look at several social games that allow gamers to explore their creative side while having fun at the same time.
  • Get Your Casual Gaming Fix on Your Smartphone
    Mobile phones are the perfect devices for casual games, you can dip in and out of something wherever you are and simple touch screen controls are accessible for everyone. This guide examines some of the best casual games around.
  • Coin ‘n Carry: Putting the GAME back into Social Games
    Social games are great, but the shallow game design and painfully repetitive grinds they so often rely upon HAVE TO GO! That was Frogdice’s mission statement when we set out to create our first social game: Coin ‘n Carry.
  • Celebrities Promoting Social Gaming – Good or Bad Use of Fame?
    Social networking and gaming are a popular way to play games on these sites. It is also a prime place for the players to be specifically targeted to in-your-face advertising that they may not even realize they are being brainwashed with. Do celebrities and companies misuse their fame with this?
  • The Top 5 Best Casual Games for the PC
    Check out this free and complete guide of the top 5 best casual games for the PC for value. Have you ever bought a game hoping for lots of fun and then beat it in 2-4 hours? Use this guide to find the casual games that give you the most game play for your money. Play for hours and hours!

Other Games

  • Building for Success: MyTown 2
    MyTown 2 is another empire building game, a popular genre in the mobile market, but it does have something extra to recommend it. As the name suggests you can literally recreate the town you live in. Is it just a gimmick or a worthwhile game? We'll take a look and throw in some tips too!
  • Welcome to Bug Village: Review and Tips
    Bug Village is one of those empire building games that we've become so fond of, only this one is a little bit different. You get to run a colony of ants, bees and beetles rather than be a business tycoon or run your own town, and it all looks pretty great too. But is it a bit too cutesy?
  • Contract Killer: Zombies: Making the Undead Dead
    Blowing away hordes of ravenous zombies is always a fun way to pass the time. Contract Killer: Zombies throws you headlong into the action and we take a look in this review and guide.
  • Rock the Vegas: Your Own Sin City Empire
    Game Insight has had a string of recent hits and their latest release challenges you to build your very own sin city. We take a look at Rock the Vegas and offer up a few hints and tips for players.
  • Who Makes Which Social Web Games?
    You play social games but do you know who actually makes them? Try our quiz and match the developer to the game.

Pirate Games

Racing Games

  • Get Behind the Wheel of Mobile Phone Driving Games
    As one of the most popular kind of games for mobile phones, our passion for driving games shows no signs of abating. So how do you know the ones that will get your pulse racing on the virtual track, compared to those that fail to turn the ignition key from the start. You need our driving game guide!
  • Jet Car Stunts Review
    Take a look at the unique new driving game for the iPhone titled Jet Car Stunts.
  • Hydro Thunder GO Review: Retro Speedboat Racing Fun
    Launched as part of Microsoft's “Must Have Games" promotion for Windows Phone, Hydro Thunder GO is a retro title that has had new life breathed into it by mobile gaming. Other retro titles haven't done so well on WP7, so how does this high-speed power boat racing game fare?
  • Grand Prix Story - Manage Your Own Racing Team
    After giving us the chance to manage our own game development studio and our own hot spring, Kairosoft are now giving us the chance to manage our own racing team in Grand Prix Story.
  • An In-Depth Review of Drag Racing for Android
    Drag Racing for Android is a new game that has made its way to the top of the mobile gaming ranks of the Android Market. Discover if this game really deserves this spot in our comprehensive in-depth look at the game!

Shooter Games

  • Ratchet and Clank Size Matters PSP Walkthrough - To The End And Beyond!
    Now that you have defeated Mungo, it is time to spend time in Ratchet's dream world and have Clank free Ratchet from the medical facility where he is held prisoner. Then head to Challax and find Luna.
  • Shoot 'Em Up Fun on Android
    The best shooting games for the Google Android platform include top-down shooting games like Guerilla Bob, Last Stand and Gun Bros. With exceptional graphics, great music and sound effects, and good level design, these Android shooters are as addictive as any console or PC shooter.
  • Facebook Games: N.O.V.A. Elite Review
    N.O.V.A Elite or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance is a Facebook shooter style game with 3D graphics. Fight in death match or team death match across several game maps.
  • NOVA 2 iPhone Game Review
    When an iPhone game gets a sequel, it can only mean two things. Either the original was really good or the developer didn't earn enough from the first game and is hoping that the sequel will earn more. In the case of Nova 2 (Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance), it's more because of the first reason.
  • Have a Rocket Riot with Windows Phone 7!
    If you're looking for some fast-paced, rip-roaring rocket-launching fun, you've come to the right place - this review of Rocket Riot for Windows Phone 7 should be just what you're looking for!

Vampire Games

  • Why There Needs to be a True Blood Video Game
    Having withdrawals from “True Blood"? Want to play a game that is based on the hit HBO series? Unfortunately, there is no such game (yet). However, there are a few options that you can play until the new season is aired.
  • Why There Should be a Video Game Based on the Twilight Series
    If you love the Twilight Saga and have been dying to play a game based on the series, you have a few options. There are board games available, Scene It? games for each movie and even a clever way to make your own town of Forks in “The Sims 3." Find out more in this article!
  • The Best iPhone Vampire Games
    Some vampire games use Nobility Points, some require you to study up on Buffy, and some make you attack in open warfare. Here is a guide to the best iPhone vampire games available.
  • Growing Your Vampire Wars Clan to the Max
    Find out how to get 500 clan members for Vampire Wars and increase your odds of successful game-play with this Facebook favorite. There are a number of methods to choose and depending on the player’s temperament and willingness to become a ‘joiner,’ different strategies apply.
  • Facebook Vampire Wars: Intermediate and Advanced Player Guide to Missions and Strategy
    Avid players of Vampire Wars know that going up against higher-ranking gamers is a bit of a mixed bag. With the help of a Vampire Wars strategy guide, the player has a good chance of learning how to allocate stats, what to expect from missions and how to make the most of the gaming action.

War Games

  • UniWar Strategy Guide
    This is a strategy guide for the mobile game UniWar. It covers how to play the individual races against each other and should help you to understand the most useful of the basic UniWar strategies.
  • Facebook RPG Games: Soldiers
    Soldiers is a Facebook RPG game. Complete missions, buy gear and make additional money with properties. Become a great warrior with Soldiers on Facebook.
  • World War 2.0 Tips
    Here is a look at Storm8's World War 2.0 and tips for how to come out on top.
  • Facebook Warstorm: Hints and Tips for Beginner and Novice Players
    Facebook Warstorm is a great strategy game, and it is gaining lots of new players every day. This article shows how to learn about game strategy, how to build up your card collection, and how to strengthen your squads.
  • Facebook Game Reviews: Goblin Wars
    Goblin Wars is a Facebook RPG text-based game. Take missions for rewards and experience. Battle other Facebook users in the game. You can own property in the game to make more income.

Word and Trivia Games

  • WordsWorth Game for iPhone
    WordsWorth attracts people who love words and word-related games. While the game's concept isn't new, it has a feature that helps word lovers learn new words or create longer ones.
  • Facebook Games: Trivia Town
    Play trivia games on Facebook with Trivia Town. Answer questions to a wide variety of different topics and invite your friends to play the game. Become a trivia master on Facebook with this game.
  • Wordulous Game for iPhone
    Love playing with words? 99Games introduces Wordulous for the iPhone, a word anagram game for word lovers.
  • Game Review: Words with Friends Free for Android
    A review of the new Words with Friends game that is finally available for Android users who can even play against iPhone users.
  • Words with Friends Review
    Words with Friends, with a few unique features, is still a Scrabble clone. In this review, we'll find out if it has the ability to go toe to toe with the official Scrabble app, or maybe even surpass it.

Zombie Games

  • Save Your Brains with Zombie Fluxx
    If you've got brains on your mind (and who doesn't), then you might want to look into playing the game Zombie Fluxx. Like other games in the Fluxx series, it's never the same game twice, and you may find yourself about to win when the rules change on you again. Check out this fast and fun game.
  • Looking for Zombie Games for the iPhone? Look no Further!
    Looking for some zombies to kill? Here are some of the best zombie games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Zombie Lane 101: Whacking Ghouls with a Shovel!
    Zombie Lane, a game by Digital Chocolate, already has over 8 million players!. In a world where zombies are coming, your task is to fight them off with your trusty shovel, help neighbors, and find your spouse and dog so you can defend your home!
  • Best iPhone Zombie Games
    Take a look at some of the best iPhone zombie games, ranging from ones that set you into a cartoon world to an RPG that will have you collecting change to buy Loyalty Points.
  • Dawn of the Undead on Android
    Android zombie games can now be downloaded from the Internet. Download now to enjoy these truly fantastic games that you can play whenever or wherever you want.