Strategy Gaming

Backyard Monsters

  • Backyard Monsters: The New Alliance Feature Explained
    Backyard Monster alliances allow friends to join up and compete against rival alliances. New alliance power ups and bonuses will lead to devastating, coordinated attacks, leaving many bases in ruins. An army of one has no chance against an alliance of friends.
  • Backyard Monsters on Facebook - Advanced Defensive Tips
    Learn how to adapt to the latest changes with this Backyard Monsters defense strategy guide. The game has introduced new units, champions, and defensive structures. With all these new changes, you will want to learn how to counteract them to stay competitive or watch as your base gets destroyed.
  • Backyard Monsters on Facebook - Advanced Defensive and Offensive Tactics
    Learn some of the tips and tricks the pros use to dominate their opponents. With these tools you will be able take out some of your most troublesome rivals. Some of the tips and tricks are new, learn them and use them to your advantage before your opponents do.
  • Backyard Monsters on Facebook - The Champion Cage
    The Champion Cage has changed warfare in Backyard Monsters. Three new units are available to raise in the cage: Drull, Gorgo, and Fomor. Find out which one fits your play style to assist in defeating your enemies and protecting your base. Learn new strategies to help dominate your opponents.
  • Backyard Monsters on Facebook - New Buildings and Unit Abilities
    Newly released, find out what new abilities you can unlock from the Monster Lab. New abilities like teleportation, invisibility, rockets and more. Find out which monsters have new abilities. New building, the aerial defense tower. New healing monster, the Zafreeti. New defense strategies are needed.

Battle Pirates

City of Wonder

  • City of Wonder Buildings Guide
    Use this guide to help plan your City of Wonder. Learn about residences, goods, wonders, markets, culture, and military structures in the game.
  • City of Wonder Hints and Tips: Winning More Culture, Trade, and Military Expeditions
    City of Wonder is a Facebook city building game. Take your civilization through the stone age to modern times. Use culture, trade, and military to win expeditions against other Facebook users cities.
  • City of Wonder Game Guide - One of the best games on Facebook
    Use this game guide to build up your own City of Wonder. Use culture, trade, and military buildings to help you with expeditions. Use legend cards to boost your city for short periods of time. Build your population ;levels and advance from the stone age to industrial times.
  • Playdom Launches City of Wonder Website
    Playdom introduces a website for its social games. Play City of Wonder through the Playdom website and take part in new guilds. Other Playdom games will appear on the game portal soon.
  • City of Wonder Guides: How To Make New Colonies
    City of Wonder is a Facebook city building game. Construct homes, build culture, and get a powerful military. Recently City of Wonder has introduced colonies which allow you to own another water based city with new technology, units and even currency.


  • Test Your Knowledge on Cityville Buildings and Upgrades
    Like playing Cityville? Take this quiz and test your knowledge on the structures and upgrades in the game. Can you answer all of them without looking at the game?
  • Cityville Game Guide
    CityVille is a popular Facebook city building game.These guides will not only let you know if this game is right for you, they will also show you how to play. You'll find informative reviews, basic playing guides, and deeper articles that explore all aspects of this great Zynga Facebook game.
  • Zynga’s Popular City Building Game Hits App Store
    Are you obsessed with building a city worthy of being the envy of all your friends on Facebook? Zynga has a new game designed specifically for the iPhone to help satisfy your city building addiction 24/7. Find out why going small instead of big can be so much fun.
  • CityVille Game Passes Farmville to Become Fastest Growing Social Game Ever
    CityVille is the latest game by Zynga a Facebook game developer. CityVille puts you in control of your own city. Build housing, businesses and more. The game has recently passed Farmville as the top game on Facebook.
  • The Best Layouts for Success in Cityville
    Through strategic planning and a little creative thinking, you can earn coins, expand your population and gain experience points to become a successful Cityville mayor. Learn how to build franchises, strategically place businesses and decorations, and how to get visitors to your city.

Dawn of Discovery

  • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Peasant Buildings
    In Dawn of Discovery everything begins with peasants. These simple folks form the foundation of your economy and their basic buildings bring in raw resources which are required for the functioning of your settlements. This guide covers their buildings and how to properly use them.
  • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Economy
    Dawn of Discovery (also known as Anno 1404 in Europe) is a strategy game which is largely about economics. The economy is very complex, and new players can feel overwhelmed. This guide will help you learn the basics so that you can create successful cities.
  • Dawn of Discovery Guide: Basic Strategy
    Dawn of Discovery is most an economic game, but strategy also plays a part. You will sometimes have to deal with neighbors both diplomatically and militarily and you actions when making this strategic decisions can will or lose the game.
  • Dawn of Discovery Review
    Dawn of Discovery is the best RTS title for the PC since the release of Empire: Total War. It combines a slick and useful interface, excellent game mechanics, it's richly adorned with rewarding and useful depth, and exhibits a complex and challenging gameplay that's a pleasure to play.
  • Dawn of Discovery: Venice PC Review
    A mediocre expansion to the original, Dawn of Discovery: Venice, also known as Anno 1404: Venice in other parts of the world, nevertheless adds some features which will bring already enthused gamers even more enjoyment.

Empires and Allies

  • A Guide for Empire and Allies Players: From Beginners to Pros
    Empire and Allies is a city building game by Zynga. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, you'll find valuable information inside this guide.
  • Empires & Allies: A New Player's Guide to Power Ups
    Conquer your foes with the use of special abilities! Finding yourself unable to defeat a certain opponent? Unleash hell with these powerful tools and prove yourself a worthy adversary. These skills can bring you back from the brink of defeat and allow you to annihilate your enemy.
  • Empires and Allies - Guide to Faster Advancement
    Empires and Allies can have a lot of downtime if you stick with what the tutorial tells you. With this Empires and Allies Guide you will be able to advance faster than the instructions suggest and show your allies and enemies your empire's strength by raiding or helping to defend their bases.
  • Guide to Empires and Allies
    For the very first time, Zynga unleashed a turn-based social strategy game to appeal to both the casual and strategy gamer. Combining the elements of a strategy game and its famed business-model, the developer has created yet another Facebook blockbuster for social networkers.
  • How To Play Empires and Allies By Zynga
    Empires and Allies takes strategy war gaming and combines it with city building. Battle against the NPC characters or invade your Facebook friends.


  • Concise Guide to Zynga's FrontierVille
    Some Facebook games are rather enjoyable and players get to share all their various achievements with friends and family. FrontierVille is one such game, and a hugely successful one at that. If you need help with the basic aspects and mechanics of the game, read Bright Hub’s guide on FrontierVille.
  • A Flair for Frontierville - Completing Tasks to Level-Up on Your Homestead
    Earning rewards in Frontierville can gain you experience points and build your gold reserves. But if you want a flashier way to show off your skills in and around your homestead, this comprehensive list offers you a road map toward completing your collection of Frontierville badges.
  • FrontierVille Energy: Complete Guide to Replenishing Energy in FrontierVille
    If you’ve been playing the popular game FrontierVille on Facebook and can’t seem to get the energy you need to play the game at a pace you can enjoy, then try to replenish your FrontierVille energy by using the tips in this guide.
  • Learn How To Earn The Most Gold While Playing Frontierville
    Money makes the world go around, even on the frontier. Gold coins are the main currency of Zynga's Frontierville, and this article will show you which goals, tasks, badges, and rewards can help you earn the most gold in your game.
  • Tips & Tricks Every Pioneer Should Know
    In Zynga’s popular frontier town themed RPG on Facebook players attempt to conquer the harsh outback with limited supplies. Discover the best strategies for new and veteran players alike. Learn tricks for collecting rare items, making clothes, and completing difficult missions.

Galaxy Online

  • Start Playing Galaxy Online II: Quick Overview
    Create massive fleets with Galaxy Online II. Build your own star empire and defeat other Facebook users. Use this game guide to get started playing Galaxy Online II on Facebook.
  • Build a Space Empire in Facebook's Galaxy Online II
    Galaxy Online II takes you to space with a RTS browser-based war game. Create a city, build fleets, use technology and battle other Facebook users in a huge galaxy.
  • Galaxy Online II Guides: Building Structures
    Galaxy Online II is a Facebook game where you build your own fleets, train technology, and collect resources to dominate the galaxy. Use this game guide to learn all about the structures you can build in your city.
  • Galaxy Online II Guides: Economy Guide
    Play Galaxy Online II and control the Galaxy. The game features great shipbuilding, technology, and space battles. One critical section of the game is having a great economy. Use this guide to get your economy moving in the game.
  • Galaxy Online II Guides: How to Build Ships
    Play Galaxy Online II and rule the galaxy. Use technology, train commanders and play against other Facebook users. Use this guide to learn about the ship factory and the components you can install.

Kingdoms of Camelot

  • Guide to Kingdoms of Camelot: Resources and Defense
    When playing Kingdoms of Camelot, players have a four-day grace period to build up their city, accumulate resources and set up a strong defense. Here is a strategy guide to help new players get their basics right and build a formidable defense against enemy forces.
  • Top Five Facebook Games
    Adele Caelia takes a look at the games on Facebook, pointing out the best out of the bunch, and why they stand out.
  • Kingdoms of Camelot: Evony Without the Boobs
    Evony has been trolling the internet with it's unethical ad campaigns and business practices, but now there is a safe alternative available on Facebook called Kingdoms of Camelot.
  • 4 Tips for Kingdoms of Camelot (Facebook Game) Beginners and Low Might Players
    "Help! Someone keeps attacking me! They're killing my troops and stealing my stuff! What can I do?" Has this happened to you while playing the game Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook? You're not alone, and there are steps you can take to make them go away.
  • Facebook Game Review: Realm Of Empires
    Realm of Empires is a browser based medieval style MMO strategy game you can play through Facebook. Players can develop settlements, build armies, join alliances, and conquer the game map.

Other Strategy Games

  • Guns 'N' Glory WW2: Review and Strategies for Victory
    Ready for some addictive defense action set in World War II? Guns ‘n’ Glory WW2 allows you to play as the U.S. army or the Nazis, and challenges you to defend your compound from waves of enemy attack. Get the lowdown on this fun game and find handy tips to guide you to victory right here.
  • What is the Best Strategy Game for Your Mobile?
    Strategy games ranging from Chess to Monopoly and beyond are available for mobile phones, offering plenty of different challenging scenarios. You'll find a collection of the best strategy games for your smartphone right here.
  • Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy: Beyond the Tutorial
    These Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy tips will guide new players through some of the important aspects of the game after the tutorial. If you want to avoid being raided daily, or have your base invaded and held by your opponents, you will want to use these tips and tricks to your advantage.
  • CivWorld Game Review
    CivWorld is based on the immensely popular Civilization PC game franchise. It has an unusual social feature that requires players to work together in order to create prosperous nations and win battles. Find out what this new edition by Firaxis has to offer Civ fans.
  • Elixir of Immortality Game Guide and Review
    Do you like mysteries? The Elixir of Immortality game takes you on a journey to an island filled with ancient secrets. It is a hidden object title full of interesting challenges. Find out why this game is worth checking out and get a basic guide with some helpful tips.

Plants vs Zombies

  • Popcap Game Guides, Cheats and More
    A list of guides for the most popular Popcap games. Learn how to cheat in Plants vs. Zombies and read some reviews of other hit titles.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Plants vs. Zombies
    Use this ultimate guide to the world of Plants vs. Zombies to use your powerful flowers and potato mines and destroy the zombie invasion in your yard. We don't want zombies on our lawns (or our roofs), so we will give you all the tips, tricks, and strategies you need to win.
  • The Tree of Wisdom Quiz: Test your Plants vs. Zombies Knowledge
    Think you're a Plants vs. Zombies pro? This guide will once and for all see if that's the case.
  • What Should Be in Plants vs. Zombies 2
    Fans eagerly wait for Plants vs. Zombies 2 from PopCap. While they wait, they search for release dates, free downloads, and like-minded people. PvZ fans want more plants, more zombies, and more challenges.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Make Fast Gold
    Make gold and silver coins fast in Plants vs. Zombies using these strategies for the award-winning Popcap Game. Buy all of Crazy Dave's extras fast by using these tricks and tips for making gold coins. Beat Plants vs. Zombies easily with this guide.

Royal Envoy

Strategy War Games

  • The Warlords on Facebook - Monster Quest Guide
    Use the best squads to complete monster quests faster. Get better cards in The Warlords through completing monster quests and helping others. From Develish Wolves to The Orcish Legion. Learn which cards to use for each monster quest.
  • Beginner's Guide to The Warlords on Facebook
    Tips for those that are new to the game The Warlords on Facebook. From picking your starter deck to the pro's and con's of beginner cards. Choosing the right stats as you level up. Strategy Quests and Monster Quests, which are better to do? Getting gear for your avatar and acquiring alchemy pieces.
  • How To Play Army Attack on Facebook
    Use this Army Attack guide to learn how to play this great facebook war game from Digital Chocolate.
  • Global Warfare Technology Guide
    Play the browser based war game Global Warfare on Facebook. Use this guide to learn all about the technology you can use in the game.
  • Facebook Games: Urban Warfare Guide
    Urban Warfare is a Facebook war game. Build your city and recruit soldiers, armor, aircraft and more. Take your army and battle against other Facebook users.

Stronghold Kingdoms

  • Stronghold Kingdoms Guides: Using Technology
    Play Stronghold Kingdoms the new MMO based upon the hit PC game. Build your town up and construct a powerful army to defend your castle. Use this guide to learn all about the technology you can use to improve your town.
  • Stronghold Kingdoms Online Review
    Stronghold Kingdoms is an online version of te popular castle building series Stronghold. Build your town, create an army, research multiple technologies, and battle others on the game map with Stronghold Kingdoms.
  • Stronghold Kingdoms Online Game Guide
    Create your own castle with Strongholds Kingdoms Online based upon the hit PC game. Make a village and expand to own other towns. Create an army and attempt to destroy other player’s castles. Use this game guide to get started with Stronghold Kingdoms Online.
  • Stronghold Kingdoms Guides: Castles and Military Units
    Stronghold Kingdoms is a fun castle MMO game. Build your town, research technology and defend your realm with a powerful castle and military units. In this guide, we look at the castle and the units you can uje for defense.

Tower Defense

  • Tower Defense Games for Windows PC
    Tower defense games are perfect PC time-wasters. Modern TD games boast out-of-the-box themes and new gameplay features, but the traditional tower defense concept is kept intact.
  • Reviews and Guides for Tower Defense Games on Smartphones
    Tower defense games are fiendishly addictive. The basic challenge is to construct a group of towers to prevent any invaders from breaking through. This genre works perfectly on mobile phones.
  • Owning the Field: Guide to Fieldrunners with Tricks & Tips
    Fieldrunners is a member of an elite club: quality RTS phone games. This tower defense game requires the player to stop attackers, or “fieldrunners", from crossing the game map and entering your gates. Basically, it's the RTS equivalent of the playground game “Red Rover".
  • Best Tower Defense Games on iPhone
    The best tower defense games for the iOS platform offer plenty of variation and challenges to the strategy gamer. These games combine various other genres with classic tower defense to make gameplay more interesting and immersive.
  • Crystal Defenders R1 Hints & Tips
    Having trouble surviving wave after wave of enemies in the latest Square Enix WiiWare title? We've got you covered with some hints and tips to completing this enjoyable little tower defense strategy game.

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