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Overview of Dungeon Rampage: A Unique Facebook RPG

Looking for a little more action in the Facebook gaming world? Are you a traditional RPG gamer who thinks Facebook is only for ‘light gamers’? You might want to take a look at Dungeon Rampage. This overview takes a look at what you can expect from Rebel Entertainment’s latest offering.

How to Find Facebook Friends for The Sims Social

The Sims Social for Facebook is a fun game that gives The Sims fans the ability to play it with their friends. However, if you don’t have many Facebook friends that also play it, you’ll have a very hard time finishing quests. This article will help you find new friends to help you play the game.

How to Quickly Earn Simoleons in The Sims Social on Facebook

Simoleons, Social Points and SimCash is the currencies used in The Sims Social on Facebook. Use these to buy the items to decorate your Sim’s home and to dress up your avatar to be fashionable. Use this guide to help you earn Simoleons and Social Points quickly.

Meet the Neighbors: A Guide to MyTown 2 with Tips

MyTown 2 is another empire building game, a popular genre in the mobile market, but it does have something extra to recommend it. As the name suggests you can literally recreate the town you live in. Is it just a gimmick or a worthwhile game? We’ll take a look and throw in some tips too!

Get Buzzy! Bug Village Tips & Guide

Bug Village is one of those empire building games that we’ve become so fond of, only this one is a little bit different. You get to run a colony of ants, bees and beetles rather than be a business tycoon or run your own town, and it all looks pretty great too. But is it a bit too cutesy?

Contract Killer: Zombies Review and Tips

Blowing away hordes of ravenous zombies is always a fun way to pass the time. Contract Killer: Zombies throws you headlong into the action and we take a look in this review and guide.

Build Your Own Virtual Aquarium with Tap Fish

Tap Fish challenges you to build an awesome aquarium. You can buy, breed and sell all sorts of fish and you’ll need to keep their tank clean, feed them and amuse them for best results. Find some Tap Fish tips here.

Tips for Guns ‘N’ Glory WW2: Twist on Tower Defense

Ready for some addictive defense action set in World War II? Guns ‘n’ Glory WW2 allows you to play as the U.S. army or the Nazis, and challenges you to defend your compound from waves of enemy attack. Get the lowdown on this fun game and find handy tips to guide you to victory right here.

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