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    • How to Find Facebook Friends to Play The Sims Social
      The Sims Social for Facebook is a fun game that gives The Sims fans the ability to play it with their friends. However, if you don’t have many Facebook friends that also play it, you’ll have a very hard time finishing quests. This article will help you find new friends to help you play the game.
    • How to Earn Simoleons and Social Points Fast in The Sims Social
      Simoleons, Social Points and SimCash is the currencies used in The Sims Social on Facebook. Use these to buy the items to decorate your Sim’s home and to dress up your avatar to be fashionable. Use this guide to help you earn Simoleons and Social Points quickly.
    • Earn Free SimCash for The Sims Social
      Do you really want to get some cool items for your Sim in The Sims Social, but don’t want to dish out the extra money for SimCash? This article will show you how to earn some for free to use for your Sim.
    • The Sims Social Synopsis
      Following the outcrop of social games on Facebook that was ever popularized by Mafia Wars, FarmVille, and “WhatotherVille" have you, EA released yet another foray into the world of social apps. This time, it is from its Sims franchise. Enter The Sims Social.
    • Quest Guide for The Sims Social on Facebook
      One of the best ways to earn money and special items in The Sims Social is to complete quests. Most of the tasks do require you to have plenty of Facebook friends to help complete the quest, but the rewards are usually well worth it.
    • Real Life Simulation Comes to Facebook – Sims Style
      If you speak fluent gibberish and know what a plumbob is than get ready for Facebook’s The Sims Social. The popular PC franchise has debuted on one of the largest social networks. Find out how this revised edition compares to other Sims titles in this full game review.
    • The Sims Social Traits Guide
      Do you enjoy playing Facebook games such as The Sims Social? If so, you know that earning the Lifetime Achievement Points don’t come quickly, so be sure to know which traits are better than others before buying them for your Sim! Read this guide to find out more about the traits available.
    • Review of The Sims: Social Game on Facebook
      Many of the games on Facebook and other social networking websites are the same. They require help from friends and have you do things in the game to waste your time in real life. Is “The Sims" version of this trend any different? Find out in this review!
    • Success and Failure of Social Sims on Facebook
      Social sims are the answer to disenfranchised Farmville players. Former Dungeons and Dragons wizards, who have been disappointed with the lack of wizardly game-play on the social networking site, can now look to Lords Online and Kingdom of Camelot.

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