Preview for The Sims Facebook Game for Fans of the Series

Preview for The Sims Facebook Game for Fans of the Series
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The Sims Series

The extremely popular “The Sims” series of games is a huge hit with people who like to control their Sims lives by creating a life for them. The original series in the game was perhaps the first game like it that hit the world by storm. Soon after they released “The Sims 2” and gamers now play “The Sims 3.” Soon they will even be able to play The Sims Facebook game. One day in the future there is sure to be “The Sims 4” and so on.

As it is now, players can take their Sims to different countries on vacation, go clubbing with vampires, have a bachelor party, go to school and eventually become an expert in many different career fields, and of course start their own family and build their dream house among many other things.

As better technology advances, so do the games. So really the potential for the series as a whole is limitless. One day we might be in a dream induced state playing “The Sims 10” and actually get to interact with other characters in an “Inception” like dream state. Who knows?

Joining the Facebook Bandwagon

The Sims Facebook game

The cool thing to be a part of right now is Facebook. So naturally, that is what EA decided to join with their popular Sims. Sure, they have The Sims 3 Facebook page and many fans that “like” it. That wasn’t enough though. They saw the popularity of Zynga’s games such as “Farmville” and “Cityville” and other such games that are simulation games nowhere near as good as their Sims series. The game developers took the simulation idea and just turned them into socially interactive browser based games with different themes.

So they decided to join the bandwagon and make The Sims Facebook game called “The Sims Social.” It was a brilliant move and was actually expected for quite some time from the gaming community. The players who enjoy the other simulation games on Facebook probably like them because they are similar to the “Sim City” and “The Sims” games and they can play it on a browser for free from anywhere (like work or school). Their game also has the potential to take The Sims 3 date even further because players can interact with their Facebook friends on it.

The Sims Facebook Game

The Sims Social on Facebook

Facebook games are different from traditional games that are played on a computer. These games are browser based so the system requirements are low and don’t require hardcore gaming computers to play. This makes it easy for everyone to play on just about any computer or netbook around. Add to the huge popularity of how often people are on Facebook and you have a winning gaming platform ripe for making people become quickly addicted to the game.

As of right now, “The Sims Social” on Facebook is not live. It still says “Coming Soon” on the main page for it and also when you go to the app.

“Like” The Sims Social

It is encouraged to “Like” the game and get a head start on it before it is released though. Gamers who do this before it is released will be rewarded with exclusive items. The more that “like” it before it is released, the more content that will be unlocked. As of right now gamers have unlocked things such as a bookshelf and bathtub for the future player’s homes.

What’s the Game Like?

The game is not yet released, so gamers don’t know exactly what to expect from “The Sims Social.” It will be very similar to “The Sims” games and also playable with a gamer’s Facebook friends. So, if you want to start a connection with a certain someone, make sure they are your friend on Facebook!

The Sims Social screenshot

From the preview to the game, it appears that friends can go to places together, such as a friend’s house and talk or go on a date and hook up. They will also be able to go around town and even pull of pranks similar to The Sims 3 pranks. One of the most popular things Simmers like to do is improve their home by renovating it and decorating it, so that is also to be expected with this Facebook version of the game too.

Only time will tell if The Sims Facebook game becomes more popular than the already well-established games by Zynga. I would bet that this game will reach the top of the list and take out “Farmville.” I mean really, who wants to tend virtual crops with a lame avatar that can’t even really interact with other avatars all of the time?


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3 and The Sims Social.

Screenshots provided by the writer and from the official The Sims Social Facebook page.