Get Mischievous with The Sims 3 Pranks

Get Mischievous with The Sims 3 Pranks
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The Sims 3: Generations Expansion Pack

“The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack is all about the different things that Sims do at certain life stages. Sims can play in tree houses, pull off one of The Sims 3 pranks, go to one of the new The Sims 3 boarding schools, use a chemistry set, go on a date, have a midlife crisis and much more. This is a great expansion pack for Simmers to update their game to because of all of the new interactions and content that is packed into this addition to “The Sims 3.”

The Sims 3 Pranks – Kids and Teenagers Only!

One of the fun things to do with kids and teenagers with this expansion pack is to pull off a prank or set a booby trap. Only Sims at these ages can do this, so be sure to have some fun and pull off some mischievous pranks with your Sims. Be careful to not get caught though because parents can also punish their children now!

To set a booby trap or pull off a prank, you will need to select the object you will be using for the act. For instance, if you want to prank The Sims 3 butler with a sink that will spray in their face, you will have to select the sink and then “Set trap for….” The Sim will set the booby trap and then call over the unsuspecting target to use the selected item. When the Sim uses the item, in this case a sink, the butler will be sprayed by the sink and the prankster Sim will laugh and get a mood boost.

When a Sim is able to pull off a successful prank they will receive the “Successful Prank” positive 15 moodlet for doing so. They may even have the option of selecting a wish to fulfill to set off more pranks or booby traps. This is a really fun thing that kids and teenagers like doing in the game. It is also quite funny to watch, so try to pull off all of the types of pranks and booby traps with your younger Sims.

Pranks and Booby Traps for Kids and Teenagers

Younger kids can only do certain pranks or booby traps. The riskier ones are only able to be pulled off with the teenagers. The following pranks and booby traps can be done by kids and teenagers.

The Sims 3 prank computer


Sims can pull off a prank with a computer by making it have a scary vision on it when another Sim uses it next. It scares the Sim that was pranked but doesn’t do any harm to them.


This is one of the really funny The Sims 3 pranks that kids and teenagers can pull off. They can use the shower to prank a Sim by putting dye into a shampoo bottle by swapping it out with the original shampoo. When the pranked Sim uses it, their hair color will change after the shower. Some Sims will be extremely angry after this booby trap and if they are able to punish the Sim that did it, they will!


This booby trap will have the Sim that uses it next be sprayed in the face by the sink. It also often leaves big puddles around where the sink is.

The Sims 3 tree house prank


This is similar to the sink booby trap because it will overflow leaving the bathroom covered with water (at least around where the toilet is located).

Tree house

This is a funny one too. When a kid is in the tree house (a new outside object with “The Sims 3: Generations” expansion pack), select a Sim and choose to “Dump water on Head.”

Whoopee Cushion

Anywhere a Sim can sit down can have a whoopee cushion hidden on it for a Sim to come and sit on. An old school prank that is still funny!

Pranks So Risky they are Only for Teenagers

The pranks that involve some serious skill and risk are only for teenage Sims. These pranks can get the Sim in serious trouble, but if pulled off it is well worth it for pranksters to do!

The Sims 3 crank call

Crank Call

This is one of the easiest pranks to do. All your teenage Sim needs is a cell phone, which everybody has. Simply use it to crank call someone!

Doorbell Ditch

This is another easy one of The Sims 3 pranks to pull off. Simply select a neighbor’s house and select to do the doorbell ditch. Another classic prank to pull off!

Egg a House

This can also only be done to a neighbor’s house. In this one, the teenager throws eggs at the house that is to be pranked. It is riskier and Sims can get caught easily if they aren’t that good at doing pranks.

The Sims 3 prank fire poop

Light Poop on Fire

This is another funny prank to watch happen in game. A teenager can go to another Sim’s house and light a bag of poop on fire and run off. This should really only be done to Sims that your Sim doesn’t like though.

School Pranks

Teenagers can prank their community school by doing one of these pranks: Flood the School, Release Frogs from Science Class, Deface Mascot, Steal Tests, and Toilet Paper the Principal’s Office.

Note: If you are playing with “The Sims 3: Late Night” expansion pack and are using the condos, those residences are not able to be pranked with the Flaming Bag, Doorbell Ditch or Throwing Eggs pranks.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

Screenshots provided by the writer.