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  • Call of The Dead Zombie Map - The Director's Cut
    Call of the Dead is the Black Ops zombie map was released as part of the Escalation Map Pack. It introduced lots of new features including a 'boss' zombie, zip lines and much more.
  • Review: Brave a Warrior's Tale
    Brave a Warrior's Tale is a plain action/platformer aimed at the younger audience. Part of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Family Games, Brave tries to be unique, but fails miserably in the graphics and sounds department.
  • Xbox Live Arcade Achievement Guide: Limbo
    Limbo is not any easy game, and that goes for its achievements as well. Most of the games achievements will not be earned if you don't go looking for them. This guide will help you find all of the hidden achievements.
  • Kinect Adventures Review
    Kinect Adventures offers gamers a decent sampling of gametypes to choose from and best of all it's bundled with the Kinect itself. While most of the games are simple and there's not exactly a lot of depth it's hard to beat the price and if you're looking for a Kinect but on a budget you're in luck.
  • Limbo (XBLA) Game Review
    Limbo is a curious game. While the aesthetics create a deep gamut of imagery and atmospheric foreboding, the game itself is let down by an almost fundamental contradiction between thematics & mechanics. Read on for the full review of the Limbo video game on Xbox LIVE Arcade.