Lego Games

Lego Games

Top 10 Lego Computer Games

Here is a listing of the best Lego based games available on PC. Included in this list are some retail releases among the less-spectacular fan-made titles that populate various internet gaming outlets. Read on for the full list of Lego computer games…

Finding Lego Batman Wii Walkthrough

Look into the Lego Batman Wii walkthrough to get an idea of how the game is played, and the cool tricks you can do while playing. This is something any gamer will want to know when playing the game at home, and become stuck on a level. Find out more about the game today.

Lego Star Wars Cheats and Tips

Lego Star Wars takes Star Wars to a new level with fun gameplay and exciting graphics. Lego Star Wars for the PS2 is chocked full of cheat codes and tips for beating the game, getting extra items, and buying new characters. Here are some of the best cheats and hints out there.

Lego Batman – PC Game Review

After the successful remakes stories of Star Wars and Indiana Jones made in Lego format, Travelers Tales directed their attention to one of the most popular super heroes – It’s time for Batman, Robin and all the evil guys you ever met in the series to go Lego.

Lego Star Wars II PSP Review

For its simplicity and yet fun gameplay and overall graphics design, Star Wars II: the Original Trilogy is a great game for the PSP. Both Star Wars and Lego fans will definitely enjoy playing this game. I’m definitely a Star Wars fanboy, and although Lego is not my thing, I really liked this game.