Lego Mars Mission Online Game Cheat Codes

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Lego Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict

In 2007, Lego launched it’s Mars Mission themed line of Lego building sets. The sets focus on a conflict between human astronauts and Martian aliens over Crystals, a new source of power found on the planet. To help market these sets, and to provide a fun activity for those who like the setting and story, a game named Lego Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict was created. While this free online game is fun, it can at times be quite difficult. Here are some cheat codes that can be entered on the main title screen to help give you an advantage!

Cheat Codes

These codes are entered on the main title screen of the game. There is a box in the bottom which allows you to input text. Note that when typing, it will convert your key presses into an alien font (there is a download link for this on the page, if you want to play around with it on your computer!), so pay close attention when inputting these codes. When a cheat code is entered successfully, you will be notified with an audio clip and text stating what code you entered. If unsuccessful, it will display ‘Access Denied’ and allow you to try again.

  • fatwallet: 50,000 credits
  • awesome: Rapid fire
  • nightfall: Crystalien Conflict mission
  • fullscreen: unknown
  • 299792458: Faster building
  • quickbuild: Faster building
  • clearskies: No fog of war
  • n00b: Triple armor
  • newbie: Triple armor
  • 1337: Resets all codes
  • beeblebrox: At the start of a level, press ‘4’ and ‘2’ at the same time. From now on, when you press ‘4’ and ‘-‘ you skip back a level, while ‘4’ and ‘+’ skips forward a level
  • moneypenny: 50,000 credits, rapid fire, no fog of war, faster building, triple health

Level Select Codes

Just like the cheat codes above, these level select codes are entered on the main screen. Make sure you choose the one you want before entering it, because once you enter the code it will immediately start the selected level.

Astros level passwords

  • Level 1: mars
  • Level 2: powerup
  • Level 3: niceman
  • Level 4: buggy
  • Level 5: flyboy
  • Level 6: range
  • Level 7: stomp
  • Level 8: ufo
  • Level 9: elton
  • Level 10: eclipse
  • Spec Ops 1: drill
  • Spec Ops 2: cavein
  • Spec Ops 3: jacks

Alien level passwords

  • Level 1: earth
  • Level 2: zapper
  • Level 3: extra
  • Level 4: retreat
  • Level 5: doctor
  • Level 6: scramble
  • Level 7: flow
  • Level 8: redalert
  • Level 9: 5050
  • Level 10: nightfall
  • Spec Ops 1: theylive

Bonus level passwords

  • Level 1: temple
  • Level 2: checkmate
  • Level 3: t2000
  • Level 4: manic
  • Level 5: pizza
  • Level 6: santa
  • Level 7: match
  • Level 8: amaze
  • Level 9: theylive

Be sure to give these a try on the Lego Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict game here!