Zombie Lane Tips - Reclaiming Your Neighborhood

Zombie Lane Tips - Reclaiming Your Neighborhood
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Collecting Items

The main focus of these Zombie Lane tips is to save certain items that become necessary for progression later in the game. Many players find themselves frustrated when they begin to encounter multiple super zombie missions and they do not have the right items to advance.

We are going to cover those items, how to get them, and what they create, so that you will be prepared for the harder missions when the time comes. In addition, we will be covering the benefits of farming, neighbors, and how you can help each other.

House Crafted Weapons


Your house is the first building in Zombie Lane that you will be fortifying, and unlocking weapons that can be crafted from materials received when killing certain zombies. Drop rates are random and will vary from person to person. Therefore, it is a good idea to have neighbors to trade with, as they may have better luck with one item and you with another.

The first weapons you will be able to craft from the house are Fire Mitts. These gloves are two damage and have can be used twice for each crafted pair. The materials required for these are boxing gloves that drop from Salesman Zombies and motor oil, which drop from Supermart Zombies. Both items are rare, but most people have trouble collecting the gloves.

The second weapon you will be able to craft from the house is the Flamethrower. This item requires a Toy Gun from Supermart Zombies, a Gas Can from Gas Station Zombies, and Duct Tape received from visiting neighbors. The rare item here is the Gas Can. When you find yourself with some extra energy, shoot or knock a Gas Station Zombie over the head with a shovel for a chance to receive some extra Gas Cans.

Garden Shed Weapons

Garden Shed

The second building you will be purchasing is the Garden Shed. Not only does this building unlock various fruits and vegetables that you can farm for food and coin, it eventually allows you to construct two more weapons to be used against Super Zombies.

The first weapon you will unlock from the Garden Shed is the Moltov. This weapon does two damage and can be used twice. It requires one Liquor Bottle that can be acquired from Waitress Zombies and Matches that you can get from Firefighter Zombies. The two items to stockpile here are the Liquor Bottle and the Matches. Matches are the rarer of the two.

The second weapon is the Slingshot. Like most of the crafted weapons, it also does two damage and has two uses. The upside to this weapon is the two main components are acquired from the same type of zombie, the Plumber Zombie. These zombies are considerably easier to kill than the Firefighter Zombie and other zombies labeled as Strong. Crafting this item requires one pair of Suspenders, one set of Metal Pipes, and Duct Tape. The rare item here is the Metal Pipes, be sure to save any you come across, as this weapon is one of the most commonly created and used.

Dog House Weapons

Dog House

The third building you can unlock and purchase after completing the missions to rescue your dog is the Dog House. This building allows the construction of two more weapons that can be used against Super Zombies, the Crowd Controller and the Fire Bomb.

The first weapon unlocked is the Crowd Controller, this is a baseball bat with nails. To create this weapon you will need a Baseball Bat which you receive from Salesman Zombies, Nails from Construction Zombies, and more Duct Tape. The rare items here are the Nails, Baseball Bats are very common. Duct Tape is used in crafting all the weapons, so be sure to visit your neighbors daily to stock up on it.

The second weapon is the Fire Bomb. Just like the others, it also does two damage and can be used twice. To create the Fire Bomb you will need a Gasoline Can from Gas Station Zombies, Duct Tape, and Rope from Supermart Zombies. The rare item once again is the Gasoline Can since it is used for two weapons, this and the FlameThrower. Rope is also not as common as the Toy Gun, so this weapon is not used as often as the others.

Farming for Energy and Coin


Another important part of Zombie Lane is farming. Although we only covered the first three buildings and the weapons you can create there, the theme remains the same as you progress and unlock more buildings. Farming is another important aspect of Zombie Lane. It goes hand in hand with creating weapons in a way, as it gives you food that you can convert in to energy, and coin to purchase stronger weapons. These two things will allow you to kill more zombies, collect more items to craft weapons to take down Super Zombies.

Farming requires only coin to plant, but requires energy to harvest. The higher the cost, the more food and coin you will receive in return. This comes at the cost of time though, as the more expensive crops can take up to 24 hours before you can harvest them. When you run out of energy you can trade 65 units of food for ten energy, so it is a good idea to stock up on food.

The downside to farming is that if you are not on within a certain time period after the crops are ready to be harvested, the crops will wither. Once they have withered there are only two options, you can either clear them, which gives you a little coin back, or an ally may come and revitalize them. In order for an ally to do this, they must visit your neighborhood and click each crop. This will restore the plant, giving them some food and coin, and allow you to collect the full amount of food and coin.

Each person may only click five times when visiting your yard. I would advise helping your neighbors with their withered crops if you wish to receive the same courtesy. Zombie Lane is not a game that you can progress through without the use of neighbors. Several missions require you to visit neighboring yards. Help your neighbors with their yard, or by sending them excess components they need to create weapons and you may find them returning the favor. This will greatly reduce any downtime between missions and allow for faster advancement.


  • Source: Author’s own experience
  • All images taken from Zombie Lane on Facebook

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