Facebook Zombie Fighting: A Zombie Lane Review

Facebook Zombie Fighting: A Zombie Lane Review
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Basics (4 out of 5)

Zombie Lane is a new game from Digital Chocolate a popular Facebook game developer. In Zombie Lane, you’re trying to survive from a zombie horde attempting to get to your house. A fence that you can repair surrounds your home and you have access to weapons to fight the zombies. Around your home, you can grow crops and trees to help provide you with food to be used as energy points. Your avatar can walk around and pick up debris such as rocks, bottles and other items to look for loot items from collections. Zombies also drop loot items that can be traded in for rewards. The game features numerous quests you can complete.

Your House (3 out of 5)

Zombie Lane

In Zombie Lane fences surround your house. You can fix your fences and add more as a defense barrier from the Zombies. Zombies will attack your fences to try and destroy your crops. You can protect your crops by putting extra fences around them. Your house is also upgradeable and you’ll get quests to do this. Other buildings are available to be constructed around your home too. Your avatar can move through the fences to get to the zombies around you. Collect loot items from zombies to upgrade your home. It would be nice to build other defenses around your house besides just fences.

The Zombies (4 out of 5)

Don’t expect to see anything graphic here like Dawn of the Dead or other zombies movies or games. The zombies in this game are done in a cartoon style. There are many different types of zombies such as supermarket, construction, firefighters, and more. Each zombie has the potential to drop loot items in the games for collection. Each collection can be turned in for rewards once it’s completed. The zombies don’t do much besides attack your fences and try to get to your crops. Some zombies are extra powerful and to defeat them you’ll need to construct special weapons from loot items.

Game Store (3 out of 5)

Zombie Lane

In the game store, you can buy energy packs to replenish your energy reserves. You’ll use energy repairing your fences, picking up items, and attacking zombies. The store also has different buildings, crops, trees, weapons, and decorations for your house. Some decorations can provide extra energy for you.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Zombie Lane is a great new Facebook game however it has one main problem and this is the need for energy. You’ll find yourself out of energy very quickly so you’ll need to grow plenty of crops and have many trees but the crops need to be protected from the zombies. Trees are usually a better option since they can’t be destroyed. The zombies in the game are varied enough to keep the game interesting and the quests give you something different to do. The game needs more items in the game store such as additional weapons and items for your house area. New areas of the game such as a downtown appear to be in the works so this will add to the game play.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

Zombie Lane has a multiplayer component where you can visit your Facebook friends to help them out by shooting a few zombies. Like most Facebook games, you can also send gifts such as additional energy, which can help you out. It would be nice if you could team up with friends and battle multiple zombies somehow in the game. Overall, the multiplayer is what you would expect for a Facebook game.

Graphics and Sound (3 out of 5)

The game looks quite impressive but don’t expect any gore here its all done in a cartoon style. The zombies do look varied with different outfits however. The soundtrack is good but the sounds of the rifles are quite weak with a basic pop and that is about it. Still the graphics and sound are decent for a Facebook game.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Zombie Lane is a nice Facebook game that is fun to play. There’s a shooting element to it as well as some farming. As the game develops it should get better. If the downtown area is added the game could be well worth playing. More items need to be added to the game store as the selection right now is quite limited.


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