Learn How To Become a CityVille Mayor in this Guide

Learn How To Become a CityVille Mayor in this Guide
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Take Control

The first step in becoming a CityVille mayor is to just start building structures. You can’t become the mayor until you have enough structures on your game map. Start with building a few homes. Follow the quests to the left of your screen to help you understand how to play the game. You can increase your population by building what are called “municipal” buildings these can be found in your build menu. These structures will allow for more homes so you can grow your population.

Finishing Municipal Structures


On your way to becoming a CityVille mayor you’re going to need Facebook friends and sometimes parts to finish your municipal structures. You can also complete these structures by using game cash but it’s easier to just use Facebook friends. Click on the structure and send a request for each position the structure requires and once they accept you can finish the building. For parts you can request these from friends and some of them you can receive as gifts or you can just buy them with the cash you have on hand. You’ll need to finish these municipal building to open up the mayor quest.


The game quests are your key to becoming mayor of your CityVille city. These follow a bit of a story and you need to do all of them for the mayor spot. The quests aren’t difficult so just follow along and you will do fine. For example one of the earlier quests will get you to build the town hall, a bakery, a home, a chateau and so on. As these quests are completed you will be one more step to becoming a mayor of your CityVille city. There’s been a lot of confusion about how to become a mayor in the game it is really simple if you follow the quests as they are given in the game. You don’t become a mayor right away it takes a bit of time.

Mayor Quest (1000 Population Collect from Thirty Businesses)

To become the mayor you will need to finish a quest. First of all you’ll need 1000 population in your city so if you don’t have enough homes, start building. If your citizens become unhappy due to the crowding put up another municipal structure to counter the unhappiness. Next you’ll need to collect money from thirty businesses. This doesn’t mean you need thirty structures, just collect money thirty times and the quest will be completed. After this quest you’ll build a seaport and be well on your way to building a great city in CityVille.


CityVille is a great game and you’ll have fun playing it. Just remember that if you are new to the game to follow the quests on the left hand side of your screen. When you do quests they will teach you about the game and unlock the quest to become mayor of your new city.