Your Complete CityVille Player's Guide

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CityVille is a city building game you can play directly on Facebook. The game offers many different structures to build such as homes, businesses, and government buildings such as a city hall. Players collect coins, experience, and different items from structures as they play the game. To fill your businesses with goods, you can use ships, plant crops, or send out trains to visit your Facebook friends. Collect items in the game and get plenty of cool rewards from each collection.

If you are a new player you might feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of content the game gives you. There are quests, collections to finish, and items to get from Facebook friends as well as many buildings to complete for your growing city. Use this CityVille player’s guide to not only get started with the game, but to learn how to play and explore all the neat things you can do as you build the city of your dreams on Facebook.

Refer to the individual guides when you need that extra bit of help with your game, and feel free to leave questions with each guide if you need clarification on something.

Reviews and Basic Guides

You might not know if CityVille is the right fit for you. Guides and reviews give you the general information you need to know before you invest your time into a new game. Learn how popular the game has become on Facebook, and how easy it is to get a great looking city with the game. Discover the fun Facebook city building game with these introductory game guides.

Earning Money

To grow your new city you’ll need plenty of game coins. Making money in the game is easy enough but it takes time to get to where you want to be. You can run shops and use goods to bring you money or open franchises with friends to get the cash flowing in. Trains and ports are other options you can use to make the cash you need to grow your new city. Once you have enough cash flow, you can do what you want and have a nice looking city in no time. Earn cash now in the game and start building a huge city.

Building Your City

The bulk of your time will be spent trying to decide what to build in your new city. As you play the game you have a whole host of things to build in the game from houses to cruise ships and businesses. Other structures include government buildings such as police stations, city hall, or the local zoo. Learn how easy it is to build your city and keep it growing. Get building with these great guides to the game.

Special CityVille Guides

There are some parts of the game which require a special CityVille player’s guide, such as finding out how to become mayor when you first start the game or that special guide for the many collections in the game. Find yourself a fan blog or that special CityVille website so you can keep up to date with your favorite game. Find that special help you need with the game with these specific guides.

CityVille a Great Facebook Game

CityVille continues to be one of the best games you can play on Facebook. These guides will get you playing and learning all you can about this fun city builder. Please note that CityVille changes on a regular basis so these guides may be missing some parts of the game. Like to see a guide not listed here? Leave us a message and we’ll try to get more guides to help you with your favorite game. Feel free to leave us any questions you might have about CityVille on Facebook.


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