CityVille Review: City building on Facebook

CityVille Review: City building on Facebook
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CityVille Game Basics (5 out of 5)

Zynga has been known for its popular games on Facebook such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Frontierville. Now the company is back with CityVille a city building game much like titles such as Social City. Players start from the ground up as they build their city. Structures such as homes, businesses, decorations, municipal buildings and roads can be placed on the titles. Players earn coins, experience, and collect various items for collections from their structures. The game features an energy system which deducts one energy point from each action as you play. CityVille has an economic base to it too with the use of goods which supply your businesses and help keep them running. Players can also establish a business franchise with Facebook friends and buy and sell goods via railroads and ports.

Game Economy (4 out of 5)


The games economy is run with goods. You can get goods once you have farming plots and begin to harvest crops. As you collect goods these can be sent to your businesses and used. You need to have a good supply of goods on hand and you can increase your storage with silos and barns. Goods can also be bought and sold with your Facebook friends via trains and ports. This system works well but it seems a bit odd to supply carrots to a bike shop or a toy store. It would be nice if later on as the game develops to see more goods producing structures like a factory.

Energy System (4 out of 5)

The game features an energy system like Frontierville. You’ll use energy to construct buildings, replenish businesses with goods and so on. Some people might not like the system but you actually feel like you’re building a city. You can see the structure foundation, then the walls, and finally the finished building with each energy point you use. You can send and receive energy gifts with your friends, buy them in the store with game cash, or just wait for your reserves to replenish.

A More Social Game (5 out of 5)

While you can play CityVille as a single player it’s more fun and rewarding with Facebook friends. To gain more population room you’ll need municipal buildings. These structures will take Facebook friends or game cash to fill the roles in the building. For example in a clinic you might have a doctor, nurse and so on with each role being done by a Facebook friends. Your buddies don’t actually do anything they are just required to complete the structure. As you put up a business you can take that business to other friend’s cities and establish a franchise. Once you do this you can have your own headquarters in your city and see it grow with levels as you add more franchises until you have a massive skyscraper in your city. You can drop off tour buses in friend’s cities at different businesses for rewards, tends farms, and do other tasks too.

Conclusion (5 out of 5)

CityVille is a great city building game and already has a number of great features. It’s fun to open franchises and see your headquarters grow. As the game develops we should see more structures and added game play. This is by far the best looking Zynga game and it loads well. Look for an in depth game guide coming shortly.