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CityVille Game Guides: The Police Station

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

CityVille is a popular Facebook city building game. Construct homes, build businesses and expand your city. Use the new police station to grab robbers and get special rewards for catching them. Use this guide to find out more about the new police station in CityVille.

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    CityVille Police Station Guide: The Basics

    CityVille The police station is another building in a series of functional structures being introduced in the game. With the police station, you can now catch robbers roaming around your city and get special rewards. Your station has police officers who move around your city and you’ll see robber icons pop up from time to time. You can click on these icons and if you’re successful, you’ll get a reward. You need donuts to send out your police officers and awake them from sleeping. You can get donuts from your Facebook friends by asking for them. After a successful capture, you can send a wall message and give donuts away to your friends so they can continue to capture thieves in their cities too.

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    Upgrading Your Police Station

    CityVille The police station has several neat upgrades that not only change the look of your station but also give you different police options. Get donuts from your Facebook friends so you can catch the required number of thieves for the upgrades to your station. Below is a listing of the different police you can use at each level of your police station.

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    Cityville Police Station Levels

    Level One- Standard police station no police options.

    Level Two – Beat Officer

    Level Three – Police Car need to catch 10 bandits

    Level Four – Police SWAT van need to catch 30 bandits.

    Level Five – Police Cruiser need to catch 60 bandits.

    Level Six – Police helicopter need to catch 120 bandits

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    The Robbers

    The CityVille robbers are throughout the city and they’ll appear randomly as you are harvesting buildings. Try to catch them all and get the special rewards they offer.

    Billy The Bandit – Requires one officer for reward of 400 coins for capture.

    Meowing Marauder – Requires one officer for reward of 500 coins for capture.

    Couture Criminal – Requires one officer for reward of watch shop for capture.

    Pie Faced Pete – Requires two officers for reward of 600 coins for capture

    Mommy and Clyde – Requires two officers for reward of play area for capture.

    The Heartbreaker – Requires level four police station for reward of donut shop for capture.

    Night Owl Nick – Requires three officers on patrol for reward of 700 coins for capture.

    Page The Bookworm – Requires level five police station for reward of 800 coins for capture.

    Meredith The Magician – Requires level five station for reward of magic shop for capture.

    Gary The Gadget – Requires level five police station for reward of camera store for capture.

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    The CityVille police station is a fun addition to the core game. Look for more special building to come from City Ville including Cruise Ships which is the next release. Bookmark this guide and check back soon for more great CityVille guides and articles and have fun building your new city.

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    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing CityVille on Facebook.