CityVille Walkthrough Guide - Get CityVille Help

CityVille Walkthrough  Guide - Get CityVille Help
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CityVille Walkthrough Guide the Basics

Before you begin CityVille there are a few things you need to know. First of all the game has a large social component to it. It will be difficult to advance very far without having several Facebook friends to help you out unless you want to invest a great deal of cash into the game. Some structures simply can’t be completed without your friends helping out with game items. For example to get some municipal building completed you’ll need Facebook friends to man the positions in the buildings while others simply take parts or permits to complete. The game has a trading component too such as trains and ports where you can buy and sell goods with your neighbors. You’ll get the most out of the game with Facebook friends. You’ll also need friends playing if you want to open up franchises for your city.

Adding Population and Increasing You Cap


One of the first things you’ll want to do is to add some housing to your city. There are already quite a few housing units to choose from. These structures will also provide you with a good stream of coins coming in. Once you have some housing you’ll reach your population cap. To increase your cap municipal buildings are available. The early ones will take Facebook friends as staff. Once your friends fill out the positions and the structure is completed your population cap will be raised. As you play the municipal building sin the later game will require parts which your friends can give you or you can buy them with game cash.

CityVille Walkthrough Guide: Goods and the Economy

CityVille has an economic system that relies on goods. These goods are in the form of crops. Each crop will produce a number of goods for your cities businesses. You’ll need a good chunk of your initial city space for farm plots so you can produce enough goods for your businesses to keep operating and making you money. You can also get goods by visiting friend’s cities and performing tasks on their farms. You can also send a train to your friend’s cities to buy or sell goods. Once you level up you can also construct ports for this purpose.

The Energy System

the game uses energy to complete tasks. You’ll use energy to construct buildings, gather crops, remove trees, and to collect coins from your structures. Energy can be hard to come by at times but you can buy more in the game store or have your friends give you energy packs. Energy will also replenish slowly over time much like other games that use the system.

Making Money


It’s quite easy to make money in CityVille provided you have a few things. To make money you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough goods for your businesses and enough homes to collect rent. It is always better to get your goods first with energy before you collect rent. Your goods will expire but your rent can be collected at anytime. Each business will give you coins, experience and sometimes collection items each time it’s ready to be collected. After the money has been collected you can supply the business with goods and keep the money coming in. Other structures such as municipal buildings will also provide you with money. Another good way to make money is to sell excess goods to your Facebook friend’s with trains or ports. You can make quite a bit of additional revenue this way. Having franchises in different player cites will also bring you money provided you can supply those franchises with enough goods to keep them operational.

Growing Your City With Expansions


Growing your city to a larger size is a bit different in this game. To expand you’ll need zoning permits which you can buy with game cash or have your friends send them to you. Each expansion is a small and you’ll need more population each time you expand. This can allow you to expand your city quickly provided you have enough population, coins, and enough permits to do so. As you expand the number of permits you’ll need will increase.


Having decorations can make a city look great but in CityVille they also increase the payout percentage of businesses. The lower level decorations have a small percentage increase while the more expensive higher level decorations bring more. Decorations have a small zone of influence so you’ll need a few to get the most benefits.


One nice part of the game is the ability to add franchises to your friends cites. This will put a business of your choice in their city provided they have a franchise land plot available. Once you do this you’ll get a headquarters building in your inventory you can add to your city. As you add franchises you can put levels onto your headquarters and build a huge city skyscraper. When you first place a new business in your own city you can name it and have your headquarters with that name too so make it a good one. Your Facebook friends need to approve your franchise spot so be sure to remind them via the franchise tab in your interface.


The game has a number of great quests you can do which will help you learn about the game as well as provide you with rewards. Quests also follow a story and help you unlock different buildings. You’ll find quests located on the left side of your interface.


As the game continues to grow this CityVille walkthrough guide will change. Look for more updates as more content is released and have fun building your own virtual city on Facebook.


  • Article is author’s own experience playing the game on Facebook

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