Zynga CityVille Coming to Facebook - Your own virtual city

Zynga CityVille Coming to Facebook - Your own virtual city
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CityVille Basics

Zynga has been known for its great Facebook games including Farmville, Mafia Wars and Frontierville. The company has been a leader when it comes to games on the site. The company is about to release its latest installment called CityVille. This game is a city builder much like many of the current games on Facebook such as Social City or City of Wonder. CityVille will allow you to grow your city from the ground up. Start with a small rural area and build houses, roads, and businesses such as a bakery. Keep your residents interested in your city by fulfilling their needs for food, entertainment and more. The map will be quite large with all of it eventually opened up for game play. This game will be the first 3D rendered Zynga game. CityVille will be available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish on Facebook at CityVille.com

Running Your City


CityVille will have several unique features including an economic base. You can grow and harvest crops for your restaurants for example, and you can import goods from other areas of the world. You can buy and sell goods from other players to keep your city growing and thriving. As a mayor you can visit your friends cities to help them accelerate crop growth, improve shipping times, clear land, or build structures in a shorter period of time. Rail will be available to ship goods to and from different cities as you trade with friends. Your friends can also run businesses in your city and set up franchises and you can do the same. Get enough franchises going and see your own corporate headquarters grow in your own city. Decorations in your city can help to improve buildings such as increase the earnings for a business. Your city will have an advisor to guide you through the process of building and suggest what you should be constructing next. A quest system will also be in place so you always have something new to construct for rewards. Quests will help to unlock rare buildings and decorations. Quests will also be part of an ongoing story.

Game Play

You can choose your style of game play in your city. For example you might just want to build up your city or you can become a trader with your friends. You might decide to build plenty of franchises across many cities and become a business mogul. You could follow the quests and the game story. Wonders and other features will be added to the game at a later date. The ability to trade goods with friends and establish businesses in their cities makes for some interesting game play options. Look for CityVille to release soon on Facebook or you cana access it at CityVille.com. Try to add as many trade buildings as you can for a constant stream of cash that doesn’t expire like the goods do.