Guide to CityVille Cruise Ship Feature

Guide to CityVille Cruise Ship Feature
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The CityVille Cruise Ship - The Basics

To get the new cruise ships in CityVille you’ll need to be level twenty to complete te quests. Cruise ships will provide you with tourists and give you additional income in exchange for goods you produce. The cruise ship will also speed up the time it takes your businesses to empty their stocks. Be sure you have ample goods to supply your city once a cruise ship arrives in port. Click the cruise ship quest to add the cruise ship to your city.

Adding the Cruise Ship


Once you click the quest, you’ll find the cruise ship port in your inventory. Make sure you have water titles free and then add the port to your city. It takes seven energy clicks to complete the port. Next, you’ll need to collect two whistles, eight sunglasses, eight deck chairs, two 2 x 4s, and eight visors to complete the cruise ship. The easiest way to get these items is to ask Facebook friends to send them to you. Once you have all items click the cruise ship again to add a ship into your port. Add more Facebook friends if you find you can’t collect all the items to finish the cruise ship or you can by any items you need with game cash to complete the building process.

Using the Cruise Ship

Once your ship is in port, click it to add the tourists into your city. Make sure you have all your businesses full of good before you do this so you make money from the tourists. You can use the little liner ship every twelve hours and you’ll need to click it to fill it up with goods to use the ship again. Rewards for adding a cruise ship include the street performer, a coconut tree, and a beachfront condominium. When you click, the ship to supply it with goods you’ll get 1350 coins and a chance at a collection item reward. Collect all the tourism rewards for the coconut tree reward. You will need a camera, lei, luggage, steak dinner, and sun tan lotion to collect the tree.

Cruise Ship Tips

  • Be sure your businesses are fully stocked with goods before you click the cruise ship to add tourists to your city.
  • You can use your new ship once every twelve hours.
  • Be sure to have goods ready to fill the cruise ship up to use it again.
  • You will need adequate water titles available to add your ship port to the city.
  • Don’t visit any Facebook friends until the tourists are finished visiting.
  • You can only add one cruise ship to your city at this time.


The cruise ship is a nice addition to the CityVille game and the feature will probably change over time. It would be nice to see some different cruise ship types arrive in your port. The tourists cna add tot he lag of your city which cna be annoying so just let them finish before you do anything else with your city.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing CityVille on Facebook.