CityVille Tips: Using Trains and Ports to Improve Your Economy

CityVille Tips: Using Trains and Ports to Improve Your Economy
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Using Goods

CityVille has a game economy that uses what are called “goods.” These goods can be harvested from farms and then sent to your businesses when they run out. Goods help to bring people to your stores and other businesses and allow you to make money. The only problem with farms is that crops can wither and you lose the goods produced by those farms. This can be a problem if you don’t login all the time since you can’t make enough money in the game without all your businesses running. Stores will stop making money once they run out of goods. To help you get more goods the game also has trains and ships for this purpose.

CityVille Trains

Trains in CityVille act like a marketplace much like you would find in many other browser games. By using trains you can buy and sell goods in the amounts you want. Your trains must be sent to the cities of your Facebook friends who are playing CityVille. You can however send a train to the NPC friends in the game for a small exchange but the bulk of your transactions will take place between your Facebook friends. Trains allow you to pick the number of friends you want to visit up to a total of ten. Just remember that you can also sell as well as buy your goods. You might not get all the goods you are looking for since your Facebook friends might not have enough to exchange. As you develop your city having trains running can help keep your goods supply full and your businesses running.

The Goods you can exchange are as follows:

  • NPC Samantha 50 goods
  • NPC Charlieville 100 Goods
  • 3 Friends 250 Goods
  • 4 Friends 350 Goods
  • 6 Friends 450 Goods
  • 8 Friends 550 Goods
  • 10 Friends 700 Goods

Ports and Ships

While trains are nice it is ports that can ramp up your goods to high levels. After you play for some time you’ll get some quests to do and then access to ports. You must expand your city limits however until you can access water titles to open ports. To get a port simply go to the shipping menu and click the port icon. You can then build your port on the water and buy ships to place around the pier. Once your port is up and running you can then buy goods from around the world. You can also place multiple piers and have many ships in each port. Goods of course take game time before you have them and they can expire so pick them up as soon as you can. Ports work great because you can have a lot of ships going at one time with a constant stream of goods coming into your city provided you have the cash flow to do this.

Here are the ports and goods you can pick up:

  • San Francisco Supply 19 Goods
  • Shanghai Shipping 38 Goods
  • London Liners 56 Goods
  • Sidney Sails 87 Goods
  • New York Novelties 112 Goods
  • Paris Parcels 137 Goods
  • Rio Routes 162 Goods
  • Rome Relics 192 Goods



CityVille is a great city builder game. There are currently a few bugs in the game but it’s quite new so hopefully soon those will be ironed out. Be sure to have plenty of Facebook friends playing the game as you need them to get the full benefit of the game. Look for more content to be added to CityVille as it develops.