CityVille Hints Using Franchises and Expansions

CityVille Hints Using Franchises and Expansions
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CityVille Business Structures

In CityVille you’ll find many business buildings such as a coffee shop, burger stand, toy store, show store, pool hall, and flower shops. Each one of these businesses will require goods to run. Goods can come from crops, be brought in by train or by ships. Some businesses will require more goods then others to keep running and making you money in the game. When you first construct a business you can give it a unique name which will come in hand when you want to open a franchise in another player’s city.

The Franchise


In CityVille you have what are called franchises. This allows you to take any business such as a toy store and place the structure in a city of a friend. This then becomes a franchise location. You can place multiple businesses in a friend’s city but you must level up before this option becomes available. Your friend must also have a franchise plot for you to place a franchise and must approve it before you ca use it. Your franchises will make you additional revenue. Once you place a franchise you’ll gain access to the franchise headquarters which you can find in your inventory. This building can be placed in your city and will grow as you place franchise locations in your friends’ city. This is a nice concept because you can have great looking skyscrapers in your city that represent your franchise.

The Franchise Screen

You can maintain your franchises from the franchise screen tab. Here you can collect daily money from your franchises and send each franchise more goods to use. Your friend can then click the structure to supply it with goods that you send. In this screen you can also see each business that you own and where the franchises are located. Friends who haven’t accepted your franchise yet can be send a reminder to open it.

CityVille Hints: Expansions

CityVille treats expansions in a different way. In game such as Farmville you could get a large chunk of land but it cost game cash or you needed friends playing the game. In CityVille you can get expansions for 20,000 credits each but you only get a small 12 x 12 piece of land. For each expansion you’ll also need zoning permits. You can buy these with game cash or your friends can send tem to you. It’s actually very easy to expand if you have plenty of Facebook friends playing the game. For each expansion you’ll need one more permit to complete the expansion. This is a nice way to grow your city slowly over time or very quickly if you have plenty of permits and game coins.


Expansions now cost 20000 coins but require increasing numbers of permits.


CityVille is a rapidly growing Facebook game and the best release so far from Zynga. Be sure to have plenty of Facebook friends so you can expand your businesses and get those franchises up and running.