City Sim Games: Top Five Facebook City Building Games

City Sim Games: Top Five Facebook City Building Games
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Facebook City Building Games

The city games on Facebook take a page from the Sim City playbook but still don’t stand up against that great game series. Despite the shortcomings, these games are still fun to play if you like city building and want to play these types of games on Facebook. Here are the top five city building games currently on the social media site.

Number Five CityZen

CityZen has gone through several game play changes but the game is still relatively the same. You need population called “zens” and you need to keep them happy with homes and a job. Once your Zen has a home you’ll need a business nearby so they can commute and make money. You upgrade business structures in the game to produce more income for you. Recently the game introduced the need for energy to complete building tasks and money collection in the game that was a bad move. The energy system found in many Facebook games isn’t the best and it can lead to player frustration. The game looks great but the buildings are all small for the most part. City expansions only cost a chunk of cash so you don’t need to run around looking for Facebook friends. The game features some nice landmarks, and a selection of homes, businesses, and public buildings for your city. CityZen fail on the decorative side with not enough options to make your city your own. If you don’t like your city, you can invite your Facebook friends to destroy it with the disasters mode and get money back.

Number Four Social City

Social City

Social City by Playdom is a great game on the surface and if offers plenty of building options. As you enter the game, you can read the daily newspaper and find out what is new with the game. In Social City, you need plenty of homes to support your population and your residents need to be kept happy with leisure buildings. This leads to the main problem with Social City and that is endless clicking on leisure and residences to get population. If you have friends playing you can ask for batteries to fix this problem but if you’re more of a solo player this game will be disappointing. Social City does offer a huge selection of buildings but many of the nicer ones are specials or on a raffle and that costs game cash. You’ll need to spend real life cash to get all the nicer structures in the game. There are plenty of decorative options in Social City and you can make money by selling goods from Factories. Your city can be huge with the expansions and city districts offered in the game and that is an appealing portion of this great city builder.

Number Three Big Business

Big Businness

Big Business is a great newcomer in the city building genre. Not only does it offer city building but it’s a business game too. You need homes and leisure structures for your population but you also have farms, ranch, a confectionery plant, and other structures that produce goods. You can refine these goods in plants to sell at a supermarket. Trucks move around your city picking up goods and you feel like your actually building something. The game also has some nice extras such as fires, or medical rescue by helicopter. Big business is slow to get going and it takes time before you have a decent income but once you do, the game is a great addition to the city building genre. On the negative side, there are just not enough structures in Big Business. If this game offered up more structures to build, it could reach the top of this list quickly. The buildings in the game look great and there are new quests too.

Number Two City of Wonder

City of Wonder

City of Wonder is another Playdom offering and this game is massive in scope. Not only can you build a city but you can also move through ages from the humble Stone Age right up to Industrial Ages complete with buildings to match the age. In the game, you can use technology to help you unlock all the neat structures for your growing city. City of Wonder has recently introduced a water colony, which is another city you can build on the water complete with its own unique technology and buildings. The game features great wonders such as the pyramids of the pentagon that you can add to your growing city. There are plenty of decorative options in the game and you can even sell and buy goods from a stock market. In the game, you can produce goods from structures to make money and now with the workshop collect those goods for rewards. Despite all this great material City of Wonder has one major problem and that’s the need for culture. You need a huge number of culture building sin the game to keep your people happy so you can add more. This need for culture creates clone cities where many buildings in your city are the same. You need the highest culture possible and you’ll use the same structures simple because it offers the most culture points. You may have a large chuck of your city that is just oil refineries simply because it offers high culture, which leads to some ugly looking cities.

Number One CityVille


The top game on our list is by Zynga called CityVille. While CityVille is the newest title on the list, it has a huge following and at one point had just over 100 million users. In te game you need homes and community buildings to support your population while businesses provide the bulk of your income. You support each business with goods produced by farms or sent in by ship and train. The game offers a large selection of building options and some nice decorations for your city. CityVille also offers a quest line and each new building option that arrives in the game comes with a bit of a story through the quest. As you complete the quests, you’ll get rewards and unlock different buildings. CityVille also offers functional buildings such as the police station, which allows you to capture criminals with your police officers who roam around the city and get rewards for capturing them such as coins or a special building. The factory produces premium goods for more income from your businesses. The game also has frequent updates with new content. On the negative side, CityVille has a need for energy, which is always in short supply. Many of the buildings require the use of Facebook friends to hold jobs in the structure so it can be completed. These structures also require parts and you need most of them from Facebook friends. This constant need for interaction is great but if you don’t have many Facebook friends playing CityVille your city just won’t grow. Zynga has also increased the needs for expansions, which has turned many people off. The game has great potential but if some of the problems aren’t addressed this top game could move down our list and be replaced by one of the other titles.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing these games on Facebook.