Facebook Games: City Of Wonder Review - Civilization games come to Facebook

Facebook Games: City Of Wonder Review - Civilization games come to Facebook
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City of Wonder Civilization Games Come to Facebook (5 out of 5)

Playdom’s City of Wonder takes the best of Facebook city building games and combines it with civilization games to create a hybrid game that is part city builder and part much like the popular Civilization series of games. In City of Wonder players create their own city with the standard buildings such as homes but also add cultural buildings to keep their citizens happy. Technology can be researched which will unlock new buildings and even different ages. The game starts in a primitive age complete with straw huts but as your civilization advances to new ages you can construct different buildings such as Roman structures, industrial buildings, and finally modern structures like skyscrapers. Using advisors you are able to go on expeditions and visit other Facebook players where you can conduct trade, culture, or all out warfare missions. Use legends to boost your city for brief periods.

Growing Your City of Wonder (5 out of 5)

City of Wonder

The main goal in free city building games like City of Wonder is to grow your civilization which can be accomplished by adding homes for your citizens. When you add cultural buildings such as temples, shrines, and burial mounds, you increase the happiness of your citizens. As your civilization advances new cultural buildings become available such as roman baths, universities, and eventually modern structures such as railroad stations. There are many different resident buildings you can construct from primitive huts all the way to roman estates and finally luxury condos. None of this is easy as you first have to unlock technologies through research to have all these structures available. So for example, for an early wooden house you need to unlock craftsmanship or engineering for an industrial age house. You feel like your building a civilization with City of Wonder.

Technology and Goods (5 out of 5)

City of Wonder

Like Civilization games City of Wonder has a full technology tree. As you unlock new technology different buildings become available. You have trade, culture and military advisors you can use to help you decide what to research or you can just make your own decisions. You have basic pottery all the way up to electricity and modern medicine. You will find five ages of technology the stone age through to the industrial age with plenty of options.

The game also gives you plenty to make for your civilization to grow. You have farms that produce crops, a ranch, quarries that make stone products, mines that produce gems, industrial plants in the late game. You can pick from different goods which will take game time to produce and then collect your money. As your population increases so does your ability to have more buildings producing goods.

Expeditions (5 out of 5)

The game also features expeditions to other Facebook users cities. Here you can do cultural, trade or military missions for experience, coins, and extra population. Each building in your city has culture, trade, or military points which add up wit these points determining if you win the mission or not. So for example, if your city has plenty of military structures and the expedition city has none there is a good chance you will win. The game will match you against cities near or slightly above your level so you don’t have to worry about being attacked by a level twenty city when your only level two. If you have Facebook friends you can put their embassy in your city.


City of Wonder is a great game and one of the free city building games that shows enormous potential. The game has plenty of things to build, the expeditions are a nice touch, and you can even see your people moving about in your city doing their work. This is a different take on the standard city builder on Facebook with a nod to the civilization games made popular by Sid Meir. City of Wonder could be the next great game on Facebook and challenge even Farmville.