City of Wonder Buildings Guide- Grow your city on Facebook

City of Wonder Buildings Guide- Grow your city on Facebook
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You can’t grow your City of Wonder without enough residential buildings. You’ll start with simple straw huts. Try to pick the one that will give you the most population which is a straw lodge which adds 48 to your population. It costs 9,000 coins but its well worth it to get a few to grow your citizens quickly. Once you have a couple delete any older residences you have in this age. Once you have craftsmanship a tall house will give you 100 population to add to your city. Once you have construction add the Roman Estate which gives you 120 population to your city. The whole idea is to buy structures that give the most population at each age. Be sure to sell older residential structures as you level up. Check the technologies you need to each residential building so you know what you should research next.


City of Wonder

Goods structures will provide the bulk of your income for your city so you should have as many as your city will support. A garden, vegetable farm, and ranch are fine to start with. Be sure to pick goods that won’t expire on you when your offline. A good rule of thumb is to pick goods that take a day to produce since that gives you enough time to log back on to collect your cash. Just remember that these structures also provide trade and if you’re going to be doing expeditions be sure to pick structures that offer the most trade points.


Market structures provide additional coins for your city, and also provide trade points. You’re going to want markets that not only offer the most coins but have the highest trade points available. The food market is a good starting trade building with 160 coins per hour and 104 trade points added to your city. Markets can get expensive so be sure to save your coins. Be sure to upgrade your markets as you can afford new ones which produce more cash. You’ll want to construct more markets if you’re going to take part in expeditions to use the trade points they provide you.


City of Wonder

You need to keep your citizens happy in the game and culture buildings are provided for this as well as decorative items. It can be difficult to jeep your citizens happy so be sure to have enough culture buildings. Be sure to pick culture buildings that will provide the maximum amount of happiness for your city. These buildings also provide culture points to be used in expeditions. It is well worth it to buy the gold colored buildings if you can ffors them early on such as the golden temple. These provide a very high level of happiness and culture that can make a big difference in your city. You can’t add more population if your citizens become unhappy so you need as much culture as possible. You’ll find yourself building culture structures the most in the game. Be sure to sell off older structures and get the newer ones once you have the research done for them. Having older culture buildings can hamper the growth of your city and aren’t needed once your city is growing, you need the room for other things.


City of Wonder

Having decorative items can be great if you need that extra bit of happiness for your city or just want your city to look nice. These items due take up space however and you can always use the room for structures that give more happiness. If you have the room and are buying expansions then decorations aren’t bad options but if you don’t have much room then you really shouldn’t spend the bulk of your money on decorations because they just don’t yield enough happiness to be worth while.


If you plan to go the expedition route you’ll want to have a strong military. You have buildings with defensive and offensive capabilities. For example, walls will provide high defense but low offense while a barracks will give you high offensive and a very low defensive statistic. It is up to you if you want military buildings or you can go without.

Marvels or Wonders

Marvels can be a great addition to your city except they cost gold bars. You’ll either have to save up your bars or purchase them with real life credits. If you want a great early defense the Great Wall has 100 defense points. The Ganging Gardens can give you a huge 400 trade early on. Some players may want to save their gold for expansions since marvels are really only good if you plan to do expeditions in the game, although they do look nice in your city.


Take your time with the game and the many building options. Be sure to remove older buildings when you get access to the newer ones since this will improve your city. It doesn’t make sense to leave older buildings behind. Make use of the legend cards which can help boost areas of your city for short periods of time. Watch for special offers and take advantage of them if you can afford the gold.