City of Wonder Hints and Tips: Win More Expeditions

City of  Wonder Hints and Tips: Win More Expeditions
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Expeditions The Basics

In City of Wonder your task is to build a thriving city but you can also take expeditions against other Facebook players. Using these City of Wonder hints we’ll learn how to be successful at expeditions. Playing against other Facebook users adds an exciting element to City of Wonder. There are three basic expeditions including culture, trade, and military so let’s look at the three of them.


City of Wonder

On the game map you can click any city and take part in a culture expedition. You won’t know how much culture the other side has but you can get a general idea from your culture advisor at the bottom of your screen. If your advisor says “ I strongly advise against a culture exchange,“ then pick a new city because you‘ll lose. If your advisor says that “they will honor us as special guests,” you’ll probably win the expedition and gain experience for your civilization. You can always hit the back button to return to the map and pick another city if your not sure.

Increasing Culture

Culture buildings will increase culture and happiness. The higher your cities culture, the more expeditions you can win. On the cultural tab you’ll see all the culture buildings that can be built in the game. You’ll want to pick the ones highest in culture. For example in the beginning game a “story teller” is great because it has thirteen culture but doesn’t have any technology upgrades. If you have gold you can buy a golden temple which has no technology requirements but has a huge three hundred and ten culture. The golden temple alone would help you win a great deal of your early culture expeditions. Another way to increase culture is to use decorations. The more decorative your city is the higher your culture will be. Try to pick decorative items wit the highest culture rating. If you can afford the gold wonders will also increase culture levels.


If you want to take part in trade expeditions, just follow your advisor from the expedition screen. If your trade advisor says” this civilization lies on a major trade route,” pick a new city to trade with. Having more trade buildings can increase your chances of winning the trade expedition. Look for positive signs from your advisor in order to win or pick another expedition type. You’ll gain coins if you happen to win this expedition type.

Increasing Trade

Trade structures can be found under markets and are your ticket to winning trade expeditions. Try to build as many of them a possible until you need to upgrade your city to have more. Some wonders also provide better trade for your city such as the Hanging Gardens with four hundred additional trade points.


City of Wonder

Your military structures are your key to winning the military expedition. On the map you can do a quick attack if you want against any city to test your army strength or you can listen to your advisor. You’ll gain population if you win. If your advisor says anything like “they have been alerted to our approach,” don’t attack but if he says, “they are weakened” then you’ll probably win.

In the beginning you’ll want hunting parties, then barracks, and so on. Walls can help increase your defenses and protect you from military defeat. For military structures you have both an offensive and a defensive component. You can build purely offensive buildings or defensive ones, it depends on which way you want to go. Wonders such as Colossus can increase your army strength considerably. There’s not as many military buildings to choose from but keep checking as the game is always adding new content.


City of Wonder

Using Legend cards can also help you win expeditions. Pick ones to increase your trade, culture and military. Look the culture book and browse through it to find the types of legends you want. For example “awe inspiring artists” will give your city a culture boost for one hour. “Terrific tycoons “gives you a trade boost for thirty minutes. Pick a card from these decks and use tem in your game or find new ones to use. Using a legend before you go on expeditions can go a long way to your success with the match.


Having wonders in your city can be a great way to win expeditions. You do need to purchase these with game gold so not as many people will have them. If you can manage to construct a few wonders you will have a big advantage over your opponents in the game. A few wonders you can use that don’t cost too much include:

  • Hanging Gardens - Cost 20 Gold (400 Trade)
  • Great Wall - Cost 20 Gold (100 Defense)
  • Colossus - Cost 20 Gold (95 attack, 60 defense)
  • Angkor Wat - Cost 35 Gold (300 Culture)


have fun with these City of Wonder Hints. It takes time to get good with the game and since there’s always new city items coming out, it can be a challenge to keep up with your opponents. Just remember you don’t have to take expeditions if you don’t want to but they add a fun bit of extra challenge to what is already a great Facebook city building game.