The New City of Wonder Website

The New City of Wonder Website
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New Playdom Website Basics

Playdom has been successful making social games such as Social City, and City of Wonder on Facebook. Now the company has given some of its social games their own website. You can currently play City of Wonder and Wild Ones through the Playdom site. This new way to play Playdom games introduces some great new features. In this article, we look at City of Wonder a very popular Facebook game and see how the new site has changed the game play.

City of Wonder Website Basics

The new City of Wonder website is quite different from the way you are used to playing this game on Facebook. You can now join a guild and compete with other teams in the game. Instead of sending gifts to Facebook friends, you can send them to your guild mates but you’ll need to spend coins for most of the gifts. When your team takes an expedition mission, you can send the player legends and other items to help complete the expeditions successfully. As new players join your guild, you can send them gifts to welcome that person into your guild. Along the side of the game, you’ll find your guild messages. Teams take parting tournaments and the winning team receives prizes. You can collect a prize if you participate and earn enough points.

Guilds and Contribution Points

City of Wonder

Guilds are new to City of Wonder through the website. As a member of a guild, you can contribute to the guild and earn points. You can do this by going on expeditions and if you’re successful, you will earn points for your guild. These points can help you win the tournaments in the game. To the left of your screen you’ll receive messages that other guild members are going out on expeditions. You can click that member to help them and you’ll get points too. If you can collect enough points yourself and the team wins the tournament, you will receive a special reward in return. As a member of a guild, you’ll receive quite a few gifts as long as you participate in expeditions. The new guild system gives City of Wonder a bit more of a MMO game feel to it and the new system works well so far.

Overall City of Wonder Website Impressions

The new City of Wonder website is quite impressive and overall it is an improvement over the game on Facebook. No longer do you have endless wall messages or gift notifications to deal with. As a member of a guild, you get to compete against others and this enhances the game play of City of Wonder. The game seems to play and load better through the website. On the negative side, marvels are now special items and you need to pay game cash to own one. People who play the game with money have an advantage if they own plenty of marvels. You do get a chunk of gold at the beginning and purchasing a marvel would be ideal with the free gold. If you play the game on Facebook, you will start from the very beginning through the website you can’t just play from where you left off. City of Wonder through the new website is a nice change from the Facebook version. You can access the game through the Playdom website.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing City of Wonder.