City of Wonder Game Guide - One of the best games on Facebook

City of Wonder Game Guide - One of the best games on Facebook
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Culture, Trade and Military Basics

To be successful in City of Wonder one of the best games on facebook you need to know the three different types of structures. The game has culture, trade, and military buildings. Each different type will boost the statistics of your city in each of these different areas. So for example if you want to be successful on all your military expeditions to other Facebook cities you will need high levels of military buildings in your city. You can decide to specialize in one areas like the military or you can do a combination of all three. Some players like to do that while others prefer all three.

Culture Buildings

In City of Wonder the culture buildings improve your culture statistic and include the shaman circle, monolith, and burial mound in the early game while in the industrial age you have concert halls and railroad stations. Culture buildings are also important because they raise the happiness level of your city, so you should balance your population levels with your cultural buildings. Some culture buildings require gold and these are well worth buying if you can afford them since they are very high in culture. You will get some free gold as you play or you can buy it. If you have Facebook friends you can add their embassies to your city for a happiness boost too.

Trade Buildings

City Of Wonder

If you want to go the trade route you can build these structures which will enhance your trading statistic so you can win more expeditions. The trade structures are called “markets” on the game tab. Trade will also provide small levels of coins for you during the day. For example the food market will give you 160 coins every four hours and while expensive it’s a good first trade building and well worth the expense. In the industrial age you can have bookstores and shopping malls that provide you will additional coins.

Military Buildings

Many people like to go the military route in the game. You don’t build actual military units your building just enhance your offensive and defensive statistics of your city. So for example the barracks gives you 16 attack and 8 defense and is a good first military structure. You can build walls and towers around your city too but these are quite expensive. Late game buildings include the airport and tank base.

City of Wonder Population Levels

City of Wonder

Your city won’t grow without population and you can’t advance through the game without it. You need to balance your population levels with your culture buildings to keep your citizens happy. You will start with basic huts, move on to wood structures and eventually condos. Like all structures in the game you will need some technology before you can build all population buildings.


City of Wonder

These buildings are like wonders in the civilization games and require either game gold or Facebook friends to build. You have a nice mix here including Stonehenge, pyramids, great wall, lighthouse and Fort Knox. Hopefully soon there will be some more marvels to build in the game.


Legends are temporary boosts for your city. These cards are real life famous people like Elizabeth, Hannibal, and Socrates among others. Each card has its own modifier so for example, Hannibal gives you a 25% attack bonus for twelve hours. Each legend can also be collected and will be placed in your collections book. Once you have all Legends in a particular category you will be rewarded with experience and some coins. You can trade many Legends with your friends and some are gold only.

Game Interface

At the top of the screen you will find your city name and if you click the “more” tab you will see the population levels, allies, history, and general statistics tab. This is a good way to keep track of your city and how you are doing in the game. You can pick your cities flag here, view your honors, and your Legends collection book. The build icon at the bottom is where you will find all the structures in the game. You can move buildings in build mode, sell them for some coins, or place them into your inventory for later use.


City of Wonder has a full technology tree that you can research. As you play your advisor will recommend different technologies to research. You can pick from culture, trade, and military technologies which will unlock more of those buildings in their respected categories. It is up to you to decide however which technologies to research next. The tree is quite large with plenty of things to choose from.

Winning Expeditions and Conclusion

Listen to your your advisors when doing expeditions. If you think you can’t win you can always pick another city from the game map. The game will match you up with players around your level or just above so it’s fair to you. You can do a quick combat from the expedition screen if you’re not interested in culture or trade. City of Wonder is still new but already one of the best games on Facebook and we should see more content soon. This is one great city building game with a touch of the civilization games too.