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Facebook Games: Big Business Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Big Business is a Facebook city simulation game. Players construct houses, entertainment, farms, production facilities, and other structures. Produce goods and sell them for a profit with Big Business.

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    Game Basics

    Big Businness Big Business is a city simulation game but it has a number of unique features that make this game stand out from others in the genre on Facebook. The first difference is that you get to make goods in different production facilities and then transport them to a supermarket to be sold. For example, you can take grain on a farm to a production center to be made into flour or ground into millet. Once the grain is processed you can take to the supermarket to turn a profit on that good. If you have multiple farms you could just send the grain to the supermarket for a quick profit. You have other goods you can produce too with a dairy arm you can have animals and send them to a dairy processing center to make milk or cheese. To move those goods around your various centers you have trucks and you’ll need to buy different trucks for various jobs. With Big Business you feel like you’re running a city.

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    Population and Entertainment

    Big Businness The game has a number of different houses you can add to your city but growth tends to be slow at first. You have cottages, basic houses, villas, manors, apartment complexes and so on. To keep people coming into your city and to raise you population limit you’ll need to build entertainment buildings. These include things such as hot dog stands, coffee shops, swimming pools, and playgrounds. There’s a fair selection of buildings but more could be added to the game.

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    The heart of the game is the business aspect. The first business structure you have is the farm. On farms you can harvest grains, tomatoes, fruits, herbs, and other products. These products can then be sent to your production centers to be turned into various products or shipped directly to the supermarket. There’s a farm, milling plant, ranch, trash recycling, dairy factory, sawmill, paper mill and more. Each of these buildings relies on each other for various goods and most won’t function properly with out the goods they need. The supermarket is your money producing building where you send goods to be sold.

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    Another nice part of the game is the use if trucks. You can’t just click on buildings and produce goods you need to move products around. For this purpose you have a garage and a fleet of transport trucks. You’ll have different trucks for various goods such as a milk truck, gasoline tanker, and lumber truck. These will move around your city and deliver goods. When you build a new business center you’ll have to also purchase another truck so you can keep up with your production level.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Big Business looks great and it’s a nice change from the other city builders on Facebook. The only complaint is that the game is slow to get going and this might turn some people away from it. The game takes a lot of time until you have a decent production going and a decent looking city. Despite this issue Big Business is good game for those who want more of a sim aspect to their city building games.