How to Play Monstermind on Facebook

How to Play Monstermind on Facebook
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Game Basics

The city building genre is popular on Facebook with games such as CityVille by Zynga. Monstermind is a new game that takes the same city building concept, but adds in monsters. It has a B movie quality to it with the inclusion or robots, apes, and other assorted monsters you can buy and send against your friends. In this game you’ll build a city as you normally would, but you need to protect it with defenses from the monster NPCs, or with ones sent by your Facebook friends. You can use a wide variety of defenses for your city, such as turrets, missiles, or tanks. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at how to play Monstermind on Facebook.

Building Your City

Building your city in the game works much like other city builders. The first thing you’ll need is a few homes. You can build these from the shop menu, by going to the residences tab. Homes add people and happiness to your growing city. As you level up, you’ll unlock more homes that increase the population in your city. Click on the price of the home you want and then the home itself to add the structure to your city. Commerce buildings will add income to the city, but at the expense of lowering your overall population numbers. You’ll need to increase your housing levels as you build commerce structures. Defenses protect your city from monster attacks, but also lower your population levels. Balance your homes, businesses and defences, to keep your population levels in the green. You can also add trees, and decorations that add to the happiness level in your city.

Defending Your City


Periodically your city will be attacked by NPC monsters. To protect your city from destruction, you’ll need to build a series of defensive buildings. These structures will lower your overall population, so you’ll need to construct more homes, too. Defenses include turrets, missile launchers, barbed wire, flame throwers, and advanced weapons such as the microwave gun. As you level up, more of these structures are found under the Defense tab of the game shop. Add as many as you can to your city, but be sure to balance the population. The game also features “special use” defenses, such as bombs and tanks, which can’t be repaired after the battle. You’ll find special signs that will turn the creatures toward a certain area - right or left. You can then box them in and destroy them before they reach the heart of your city. You’ll gain access to the signs at the higher levels of the game.

Buying and Using Monsters

By using the Monsters tab, you can buy a wide variety of creatures to send against the NPC base or your Facebook friends. Each one features an attack level, and you’ll start with the basic ape monster. You can buy as many creatures as you want provided you have enough coins for the purchase. You can hold some in reserve until you’ll ready to use them in the next battle. To fight the NPC, click on Doomsday and you’ll be able to place your monsters in whatever direction you want towards the city. Have a look at the city before attacking, and put your monsters in the less defended areas for the greatest chance at success. You can do the same thing against your Facebook friends playing the game.

Game Monsters

Here is a listing of the game monsters. This could change as the developers add more content later on.

  • Ape – 105 health, 45 attack. Slow but hits hard.
  • Destrructoid - 270 health, 135 attack. Very slow but high health.
  • Zombie – 46 health, 30 attack. Very weak, but low-cost monster. Use in large groups.
  • Mutant Snail – 225 health, 110 attack. Slow, but tough.
  • Monster Bird – 195 health, 140 attack. Ignores walls with a quick attack.
  • Weeder – 165 health, 40 attack. Fast, but weak.
  • Worm - 270 health, 160 damage. Slow, with good damage.
  • Lizarator - 210 health, 50 damage. Slow and expensive, but tough to bring down. Has range attack with death ray eyes.
  • UFO - 150 health, 160 damage. Raged attack, and ignores walls.
  • 49 1/2 Foot Woman - 200 health, 135 damage. Tough, strong, and pissed.
  • Arachnoid - 225 health, 110 damage. Fast and tough.
  • Pincertron - 355 health, 160 damage. Tough, slow, and expensive.

City Building with a Twist

Monstermind is a great take on the city building concept, and it’s easy to play - unlike other city builders that require a lot of game time. The game could use some more structures, but overall the selection isn’t too bad. You’ll have fun using the various monsters and attacking your Facebook friends. Be sure to repair your roads and structures after an attack to gain the full function of your city back.

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  • Article is author’s own experiences playing Monstermind on Facebook. Screenshots taken by author.