Wondering How to Get Friends on Facebook for Social Gaming?

Wondering How to Get Friends on Facebook for Social Gaming?
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Social Gaming

Gaming used to be done mainly on consoles and computers. Internet gaming wasn’t really a big part of the gaming world, until social networking got involved with it. For the casual gamer, this was a good thing. They were able to play simple games that were able to be played right on their browser, which meant that they didn’t have to purchase a high-end gaming computer to enjoy video games. The only problem they might have had was to figure out how to get friends on Facebook that also played the games they liked.

For many hardcore gamers though, these games are a complete waste of time. For those that really enjoyed the RPG style and action games that create a visually stunning environment, these social games are a complete joke, and yes, they think Zynga games suck.

Regardless of if you like them or not, the social games appear to be here to stay. I, for one, would rather play a real game on my PC or on a console. If I wanted to play an online game, I’d play one that isn’t browser based.

Facebook Games

Facebook is the most popular social networking website right now. People can use it to keep in touch with friend and family, and they can discover new things while on the website. There are also countless games that can be played on the networking website through the Apps.

People who play these games give the App permission to post on their Facebook wall, access their private information, and other sneaky things. Most of the time, people don’t even notice this before accepting the app to allow this kind of behavior. They just want to play the game for free, and who cares if the developer of the game can access this kind of information about them?

Well, I care. I don’t want them to access my private information, see who my friends are, or post random junk on my Facebook wall to annoy my friends with. I’ve allowed it for some of these games, but overall, I just say no to such Apps.

How to Get More Gaming Friends

The biggest annoyance with these social games is the fact that they don’t really take any skill. Instead, it is all about how many friends you have that also play the game. The more friends you have that play it, the easier it is to get the special items, help with quests, and so on. So, how to get friends on Facebook to help with this issue?

The Sims Facebook game

Some people send out friend requests to everyone they see that might play the same games. This isn’t a very effective strategy and will make you look like a weird Facebook stalker. Seriously, don’t do it. I, for one, won’t be your Facebook friend if you just send me a blind friend request without even stating you play a certain game that I also play.

To find people that play the same game as you do, go to the game App’s page, such as for “The Sims Social.” From there, view the recent comment threads on the wall. Many people post “add me” requests on there. These people want more friends because of the game too. Check them out, and add them if they don’t seem creepy.

Another thing that many gamers do for these games is to start group pages for a certain game. Members add in their friends that also play the game often. From there, you can find many new friends that you could add for gaming purposes too.

Note: Whenever sending a friend request for a certain game, be sure to add in a note that you are requesting it because of the game. If you fail to do this, it is unlikely that the person will add you and you will look like a Facebook stalker.

Avoiding the Facebook Stalkers

Even if you take the precautions and don’t send out random requests for friends, you could still end up with creepy Facebook stalkers.

Zynga Mafia Wars

It isn’t fun; I know from experience. Back when I played “Farmville” and “Mafia Wars”, I added in some people that also played it. I added about twenty to thirty people. In that batch, one would comment on my regular Facebook activity. It was normal, at first. Then, things got creepy. He sent me a message asking rather personal questions, and wondering what he could do to make me want to fly to visit him and take me on a date.

I decided not to even respond to this person. I went to his profile page to see what a creep he was and saw that he posted pictures of women (mostly butt pictures) from what looked like a cell phone, probably his. I quickly removed him from my friends list.

Take my experience with adding in random people as a “friend” as a precautionary tale on what not to do. When looking for how to get friends on Facebook, screen the people you add. Look at their profiles to make sure they aren’t creepy stalkers with the potential to be serial killers.

Note: If you really want to be safe online, don’t add anyone as a friend that you don’t know personally. It might make your Facebook gaming life suffer, but that might just save you from playing an addicting game anyways.


  • Screenshots from The Sims Social and Mafia Wars.

    Screenshots provided by the writer.