CityZen Game Guide - Build your own city on Facebook

CityZen Game Guide - Build your own city on Facebook
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CityZen Guide Part One – Homes

In CityZen, you need to construct homes and provide the citizens of those homes with jobs. To increase the happiness of your citizens you’ll need some businesses close by so the commute won’t be too long for the citizens and you might want some public buildings such as parks too so they have something to do. You will not collect any rent or money from homes this is done through the businesses you have in the game. There’s several different homes in the game from simple houses to duplexes and apartment complexes. Larger apartments will unlock at the higher levels and allow you more citizens for your city and businesses. You have to balance population with your businesses so everyone in your homes has a job.

CityZen Guide Part Two – The Business


In CityZen, your businesses will make you the money you need to add other structures to your city and expand your borders for a bigger city landscape. Each business can be set to give you money over a certain period such as 5 mins or up to one day. Be sure to collect your money once it’s ready or the cash will expire and you won’t get the full amount from the business. Each structure is upgradeable to increase the cash flow from it. Businesses include shops, shoe store, deli, warehouse, office building, super store, mall tech company, and many more. It’s up to you to decide which structures you want for your city. A good mix of business will give you a nice looking city and avoid the clone syndrome of having only the best money producing businesses. It’s more realistic to have a nicer looking city then one filled with the same structures.

CityZen Guide Part Three – Public Structures

Your zens will require public structure near their homes to keep the happiness levels up. You won’t needs as many of these as you will businesses but try to have one or two per city block. You have water tiles, parks, pools, schools, parks centers, hospitals and other structures to pick from for your growing city. Trees, fountains, and statues are other structures that can add to your cities happiness.

CityZen Guide Part Four – Special Structures

CityZen has some special structures that cost game cash to own. These structures will give you added population, experience and happiness points for your city. These structures include wonders such as the pyramids, CN Tower, recycling center, The Sphinx, Sears Tower and many more. These can make your city look nice but since they need game cash they are probably not too practical for most people who will don’t pay for games such as CityZen.


The game features a business collector located on the right hand side that you can use to pick up the cash from all your structures. Your inventory box is also located on the right hand side to store extra buildings. The disasters mode allows you to have your friends destroy your city with meteors, storms, or aliens and then you’ll get cash back to rebuild. This is a fun option of you’re getting bored with your current city. The build menu is located at the bottom of the screen along with the demolish buildings and screen rotation tool.


CityZen is a great city building game and fun to play. Be sure you have enough businesses and that you collect your money before it expires. Use some public structure too to keep your citizens happy. You can easily see their happiness levels by clicking on each home and viewing the sure to check the game often for new items and additions to CityZen.

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