Facebook Guides: Playing Zombie Lane

Facebook Guides: Playing Zombie Lane
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Zombie Lane Game Guide - Your House

In Zombie Lane, you have a small house you need to protect. Thankfully, you are surrounded by fencing. You can add more fences to your house from the game store and you can repair damaged fences. Your defenses are important since the zombies will break through and destroy your crops in the game. You need these crops fro food to help restore your energy reserves that you use. Under farming in the store, buy wood fences, plank fences, and picket fences for added protection for your home. You’ll use up one energy point for each repair you do to your fences. You can complete quests to upgrade your house and there are other structures you can build too such as the doghouse and garden shed. You’ll need to complete quests to unlock all the various structures in the game. To upgrade your house find blueprints under rubble or from construction zombies.

The Zombies

Zombie Lane

In the game, you’ll fight various zombies that are weak, normal, strong, or super strong. Weak and normal zombies will take one or two shots from a gun or a melee hit while the others will take more. Super strong zombies such as the riot zombie will require a crafted weapon. You can construct weapons at your house but you’ll need loot parts from other zombies. To construct the fire mitts pick up boxing gloves from salesperson zombies and motor oil from supermart zombies. The crafted weapon has a limited use so just use it on the very strong zombies or you’ll waste it. You need to kill a couple of riot zombies to gain access to crops. Just follow the quest line as you play.


Having enough energy in this game is quite annoying so do all you can do get more energy. Be sure to have plenty of crops growing but protect them with extra fences. Fruit trees are a great option since the zombies can’t destroy your trees. Pumpkin is the best crop since it provides three food and is ready in twenty-four hours or you can use corn which is ready in two hours for three food if you plan to play more often. If you have plenty of Facebook friends playing the game you can send energy gifts to each other to replenish your supply. The energy system is a sore point in this game but you can work around it if you are smart.


Zombie Lane

Most weapons except for the melee weapons like the shovel take ammo. Once your ammunition is depleted, you’ll need to buy a new weapon from the game store. The shotgun is a great started weapon but you’ll want to upgrade to the hunting rifle as soon as you can. With Facebook credits, you can buy an assault rifle and more weapons will be coming soon. You can switch to your shovel by clicking the weapons tab near your avatar if you run out of ammunition and don’t have enough coins to buy more.


In the game, you’ll find various things you can pick up such as soda cans, bags, and other items. Be sure to search under rubble too for game items. Zombies will usually drop an item too which goes into your collections. Once you finish a collection, you can turn it in for a reward. Some items such as blueprints are needed for upgrades so you may want to hold onto that and other such as boxing gloves, which you need for the fire mitts weapon. Look under inventory and collections to see all the loot you have acquired and if you have enough for a trade in.


The game has achievements, which are tasks you can complete for very special rewards. For example with the melee master achievement, you need to kill 20 zombies with a melee weapon. Once you do this a few times you’ll reach the platinum level and get a hockey mask as a reward. If you kill twenty-five zombies with a shotgun, you’ll get the super hero costume as a reward after a few rounds. Other fun rewards include a laser sword, chicken costume, swimming pool, and super crop. Read the game tips to learn more about the zombies and get some survival tips. As you play you’ll collect more tips and you can view them from your inventory.

Game Store

In the game store, you’ll find weapons to purchase again once your ammunition is exhausted. In the store, you can buy crops, new buildings, and items for your house area. Be sure to buy plenty of fences too so you can give your crops extra protection from zombies. It’s a good idea to surround your crops with extra fences besides your main perimeter fence. Buy extra energy in the store with your food or with game credits.


Zombie Lane is still anew game so expect more changes as it develops. A downtown area may be coming with more areas to explore. Be sure to have plenty of crops or trees in the game so you’ll have enough food for energy. Use your Facebook friends to send energy back and forth and be sure to protect your crops with more fences.


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