Top Five Zombie Games for Android

Top Five Zombie Games for Android
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Android phones are more fun to have with these amazing Android zombie games. Here is a list of the best five Android zombie games for download from the Internet. Who knew the undead could be so much fun?

Zombies Run

This is a trans-reality game for Android phones that pits the user against tons and tons of zombies in a wild and woolly race. The game requires GPS-enabled devices before play. There are two options to choose from after loading the game- Zombie Speed and Zombie Count. Zombie Count determines the number of zombies that will surround you while in Zombie Speed, users have to run from an army of zombies.

After the app determines the location of the user, it asks him or her the endpoint according to their preference. From there, the user has to run from the supposed zombies indicated by red dots on the screen. This game is fun for a group of friends, or those who want to make their daily jogging activity more fun and exciting. Click to download.

Typing Zombie

typing zombie

This free downloadable game is produced by Sega and features flesh-eating zombies. Users have to type in the right word in order to destroy the zombies. The monsters run towards the user on the screen with their hands displaying words. If the user fails to correctly spell the word and the zombie reaches the screen then they get munched. Once the life force is depleted then it is game over for the player.

The good thing about this game is that it is not only fun but also helps users improve their texting skills. Click to download.

Plants vs. Zombies

plants vs zombie

The critically acclaimed game, Plants vs. Zombies is a game wherein the user is a homeowner tasked to defend the home against an army of zombies. The zombies are actually cute and cuddly, and the only way to defend the abode against these creatures is using a wide arsenal of plants.

This is one of the more popular zombie games for Android phones, and is based on an original PC game. There are some features, however, that are missing from the PC game such as the Zen Garden. The game features a bevy of various zombies- from zombies with cones, swimming zombies, and dancing ones. The humorous nature of the game is one of the appealing trademarks of Plants vs. Zombies.

As the player completes levels, he or she gets coins that can be used in purchasing rewards from Crazy Dave’s Shop. There are numerous design choices that users can choose from in the said shop, making the game even more entertaining. Click to download.

Zombies Live

Zombies Live

Watch out Zombie fanatics, Zombie Live for Android is here to bring thrills and nerve-racking excitement to your life. Satisfy your thirst for blood and hunger for flesh by setting up traps to lure humans and vampires alike and turn them into zombies like you. The more you can bring into your horde, the more powerful you’ll become. Perform exciting “dark missions” and enjoy fantastic graphics and sound in this amazing multi-player zombie game. Click to download.

Welcome to Hell

welcome to hell

For those who want zombie games with all the blood and gore, then this is a must-have. The free game features stunning graphics in HD and various weapons to unlock. Fight off the zombies with a wide array of weapons in this exciting game. Click to download.