Understanding CVS: Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome in Children

Understanding CVS: Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome in Children
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Tips on How to Avoid Computer vision syndrome (CVS) for your Child

Since we are now living in the modern era, children are doing most of their things through computers. From school works to socializing, computer has been continuously helping children get through life. However, computer usage has also its own set of drawbacks. One of these is what they call Computer vision syndrome, or CVS.

Computer vision syndrome happens when children stare at the computer screen for a very long time especially when they are focusing so much when playing their games. Its main cause is due to the various reactions of our brain and eyes to the words and graphics that appear in the computer screen. Eyes find it difficult to focus on the words or characters on a screen due to its brightness at the center and not so well defined edges. Because of this, our eyes will continuously drift that can hamper our eyesight. Its effects vary from one child to another. The following are ways to prevent computer vision syndrome in children:

Understand the Symptoms of CVS

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As parents, you should understand the symptoms of computer vision syndrome such as eye fatigue due to prolong computer use, continuous eye rubbing, eye redness or bad postures. If you think your child shows any of these symptoms, you should visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist right away. By understanding the symptoms of this illness, you can help control or avoid further eye damage to your child.

Condition the Environment

Another way of helping prevent CVS is by altering the environment where your child works. You can do this by reducing the harsh and glare lights coming from the computer screen and the ambient environment of the room. You can use full-spectrum lighting instead of a fluorescent light. You should also make sure that the light in the room is even and diffused. This will prevent damage that is caused by the computer screen.

You can also alter the environment by making sure there is nothing in the room that can cause the eyes to dry easily. If a fan or vent is placed near the computer area, you can try to place it somewhere else. Excessive exposure to air can cause your eyes to dry and can lead to computer vision syndrome.

Minimize the Time Your Child is Permitted To Use the Computer

Since the primary cause of CVS is too much exposure to computer screen, one of the best way to avoid this is by limiting your child’s time to use the computer. Let your child take a break from time to time. Train your child to follow the 20-20-20 rule. This means to allow your child to focus his or her eyes for twenty seconds on a particular thing kept twenty feet away for every twenty minutes your child is sitting in front of the computer. This can effectively prevent computer vision syndrome.

Buy a Pair of Computer Glasses for Your Child

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Another way to prevent computer vision syndrome in children is to buy a pair of computer glasses like Sheer Vision. However, you must see a doctor first and have your child’s eyes checked before you buy. The eye doctor can tell you the proper diagnosis for your child’s eyes and can determine what is the right distance between your child and the computer before the doctor can recommend the proper computer glasses.

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