Ultimate Guide to Driving Games on your Mobile Phone

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There is little wonder that driving games for smartphones are so popular. The best ones now make use of your phone’s accelerometer so you can effectively use your phone like a steering wheel, add to that the awesome graphics our phones are now capable of, together with the increasing size and quality of smartphone screens and you have a winning combination.

Our guide is split up into relevant sections according to your smartphone of choice, and takes in game reviews, round-ups, walkthroughs and tips. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that driving games don’t just have to be about racing around in a hot-hatch or race car, there are plenty of options for racing boats, trucks, motorbikes, and cartoon carts – truly something to suit everybody.

We finish off our fast-paced driving journey with a look at gaming gadgets, particularly gaming wheels and grips that are ideal for driving games.

What you waiting for, let’s put our foot down!


iPhone owners love their games more than any other owners of smartphones, so this is where we start our race around the track of top driving games. We take a look at some of your top racing options in round-up articles that show you the best of the best, along with plenty of racing game reviews for some more in-depth information. Here you get funny racing games, serious games, retro racing, horror racing and even racing RPGs.

There are games here that fit the conventional racing mould and none of the excitement is taken away just because they’re on a smaller screen than your console games. But there are some more unconventional games like JellyCar 3 and Horror Racing that are fun for kids and adults alike. Take your pick.


Now we zoom along to the Android pit stop for some true driving games of quality. The top ten driving games for the Android platform are looked at first, followed by some reviews of speedy game offerings to keep you happy. We also walk you through the popular game of Drag Racing to put you ahead of the competition, and include some other accelerometer games (including racing of course), to make you feel part of the action.

Like the world of racing, but looking for something a little more sim-based rather than heart-thumping, zooming fun? Check out our review of Grand Prix Story which puts you in the oil-splattered boots of a racing manager.

Windows Phone, Symbian & The Rest

This small, but perfectly formed, selection of driving games takes in the best of the other platforms, beginning with a general guide to all things driving and racing oriented no matter what type of cell phone you have. Windows Phone 7 is a growing market, and these articles take in a couple of the best driving options for that particular platform. Even if you don’t want to drive a car, there’s something here for you in the form of speedboat racing for something that little bit different.

Add Vroom to your Game with Mobile Gaming Accessories

As great as mobile gaming is, for a good gaming session your phone starts to become uncomfortable to hold, or even slippy to hold if your palms are sweaty from all that gaming action. Although these are general accessory round-ups you will find some great accessories specifically for gaming - a gaming wheel (or gaming grip) is a must-have purchase if you are serious about your mobile driving games and all of these round-ups include those gadgets. We start with Clingo which can cope with any smartphone, then look at more specific options for popular smartphones.

Is that the chequered flag? It’s game over – time to pull over and take a breather before we start our next high-paced game. Hopefully this guide has been helpful for all you driving nuts, but please do let us know if there is any indispensable game we’ve missed from our guide. Happy gaming!