The Top Racing Themed Text Based iPhone MMO RPGs Available at the iTunes App Store

The Racecar

Of all the themes that have popped up among the text based iPhone MMO RPG genre the racing theme is one of the most popular. Much of this comes from the complicated worlds of both commercial and street racing, and each of those themes lends themselves well to a genre that was birthed out of a Mafia premise. Here is a look at the best racing themed text based iPhone MMO RPGs around.

Race or Die

Race or Die may stand out as the top game on this list. Race or Die comes from The Godfather, who made their name with iMob Online. The


basic design has both evolved and simplified from there into a tight text based iPhone MMO RPG that offers a little more depth. You still complete racing missions and purchase property, but in Race or Die for the iPhone they are focused around regions that you have to move through. This requires you to level up in Race or Die, which is only one of the ways that you build upon your character. The Race or Die Friend Code system is as central to gameplay as any other. Each Race or Die player is assigned a Race or Die Friend Code, which is used to define them even if they reset their account. The Race or Die Friend Code can be used to add another player to your account, therefore building your account up for higher level races and so on. The Race or Die Friend Code is not the only way that you can add players, but you will find that spreading around your Race or Die Friend Code is the fastest way. Race or Die Respect Points are continued here as well. The options for spending Race or Die Respect Points has been decreased somewhat, but using Race or Die Respect Points is still the fastest way you can jump to the top of the game. Free Race or Die Respect Points are offered up by The Godfather on a regular basis, so make sure you jump at any chance to get free Respect Points.

Street Racers 3D


Street Racers 3D has been so popular that it has inspired the spin off games Street Racers 3D Miami and Street Racers 3D San Francisco, though I’m not sure how well the hills work with the drifting. Street Racers 3D is PlayMesh’s contribution to this theme and if anyone has engaged in a PlayMesh RPG they will note exactly how this system works. The design is relatively similar to that of Race or Die with missions being focused on money and experience, investment in properties being central, competition against other players being an occasional decadence, and constant upgrades that fit into a perfect model of fashionable consumption. What really sets Street Racers 3D apart from Race or Die is that it does not use the Race or Die Friend Code system. Instead, Street Racers 3D makes you buy your friends internally like products. There is still a Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points system, but it is much more detailed than the Race or Die Respect Points. With Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points you will be given a whole host of options for what to use them on and there are a huge number of options for purchasing Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points. Unfortunately you are not going to see free Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points as you will Race or Die Respect Points.

Street Racing

Street Racing is Zynga’s answer to games like Race or Die and Street Racers 3D and it is a great example of their winning attention to design


and detail. Street Racing, which is similar to Zynga’s flagship Mafia Wars, is modeled in a lot of ways after the previous games. It offers the same series of money and progres through Jobs, repair at the Garage, competition with other Street Racing players in Race, investment with Properties, and the rest, but all done in a constantly updating and clean environment.

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